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Life In Plymouth Colony Essay

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US I (Honors) Essay
The times of early settlement were filled with determination to survive, following the words of God, and to making history in everlasting memories. I will be basing my opinion on these primary sources: “The Starving Time” by Captain John Smith, the founder of Jamestown, History of Plymouth Plantation” by William Bradford, the governor of Plymouth Colony, “How they sought out a place of habitation” and “New governor, first marriage”. I believe that the settlers were bold, adventurous, determined, and faithful.

The first passage is “The Starving Time” by Captain John Smith, the founder of Jamestown. This passage explains the starving time in Jamestown. Captain Smith returned to England with the ships and Captain Davis arrived in a small boat with sixteen men and a company from Jamestown. While Captain West was returned to Jamestown among the savages who revolted, murdered, and spoiled all they encountered. The rest that remained had to live on the food for Smiths company. All things were consumed so thirty or forty men with Captain West and Captain Sickelmore were sent out to trade. Captain Sickelmore assuming confidence with Powhatan, with about thirty others were slain. Only one man escaped and that was, Jeffrey Shortbridge. Pocahontas, the king’s daughter, saved a boy named Henry Spillman who lived many years later, by her means, among the Patawomekes. Powhatan denied them trade, Captain West returned back to England. The savages then became very cruel and stole from John Smith. Six months after John Smith left there was sixty men remaining, and they began with five hundred men. The times became so tough that a man killed his wife and ate her (he was executed). This was known as the starving time .If they were to spend ten more days it would have killed them all. Sir Thomas Gates and Sir George Sommers with a hundred in fifty men preserved by Bermuda and they all survived miraculously in a leaking ship. I believe that the settlers were bold because they survived a huge famine and still stuck by each other. I also agree with the chose to execute the man that ate his wife because I believe that you should eat your own species and I believe they do also.
The second passage is “History of Plymouth Plantation” by William Bradford, the governor of Plymouth Colony. This passage interprets the settler’s first experiences in Plymouth. When they first arrived on the land they thanked God for bringing them there safely to land, there was also no one to welcome them neither were their food or water refresh there tattered bodies. There were no towns, so therefore, there were no houses; they were surrounded by woods and a huge ocean. It was also winter and, winters in this country were known to be cruel, with brutal storms and were unsafe to travel especially in unknown land. There were woods and wild beast and wild men (many of them). They were stranded on the on an unknown land facing harsh weather which was new to them. Moreover,...

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