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Life In Technicolor Essay

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Technology has such a big impact on today’s society, more than any other time period. We, the new generation, have intergrades technology so much that we could not function without it. Technology is all around us whether it is the coffeemaker we use every morning, refrigerator we use to preserve our food in, or microwave we use to cook our food. We use it to make life easier; it is in our cars, implemented into our schools, and its part of our family.
Many people may be against the technology because they notice the detriment to the everyday use of technology. These “technophobes” see technology as the spawn of Satan in gadget form. In their eyes technology has caused deaths, primarily through the use of cars. This come from careless drivers who have severely injured and even killed others, not to mention whose who text, drink and drive. Some schools have structured themselves around an all technology school, meaning that they no longer use writing utensils, books, etc. Instead they use iPad’s which can download e-books (electronic versions of books), and they have a stylus, a small pen-shaped instrument, which can be used as a: pencil, pen, marker, and highlighter. Finally, they also see the disruption of precious family bonding time because everyone is on cloud-9 with their phones or watching TV.
Firstly, it is true that car accident have cause many deaths; however, it is no the car itself but the irresponsible drivers behind the wheel. Cars are just a mean of transportation from point a to point B. Cars have many positive uses, the reason they were invented in the first place, to reduce the time it would take from any two distance. Almost everyone has a car nowadays, we use them to drive to school, to drive to work, or to just to meet up with some friends at the movies. Now imagine how long it would take if you had to walk or ride a bike? It would probably take considerable longer than it would to drive a car. Not to include how sweaty would get to school or work, if you walked or rode your bike. In addition, having a car can make life easier or in people who are...

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