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Life In The Military Essay

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The weather that Saturday morning was almost record breaking; I will never forget how hot and sunny it was that morning in New York City on the first day of June, 2013. My thoughts were scattered because the sun wouldn’t allow me to think. I was unemployed with nothing to do, finally healthy from a variety of different physical, emotional, and mental affairs that I had experienced the year before and completely capable of conquering all of my life dream’s but I was just rotting away because I was too lazy to do anything. After watching television for a good half hour or so, the glare of the sun took over my vision completely as if I were in a trance of some sort so I guess those who believe in these sorts of things would call what followed an “epiphany” or “realization”, or to put it simply, a grand realization. When I woke up from the trance that I was in, I quickly learned that I had suffered a seizure because of medication that was wrongfully prescribed to me. My life flashed before my very eyes, and believe it or not, at that moment I had made what will soon be the largest decision of my life, to join the United States Army. Although there are some people who join the army to become fighting soldier’s necessary for potential threats on our land, I have decided to join the Army because it will provide me the discipline I need to move forward completely with my life, and provide adequate benefits for my family.

When I think of the Army, I visualize the amount of discipline that a soldier has, and unfortunately, discipline was never really instilled in me while in the transition of sprouting from a boy to a man. The physically demanding nature of the United States Army is one of a kind and something that I have always wanted to practice. Let’s not forget the rigorous scheduling, and how it teaches you to have the will power to get up and do anything you set your mind to do. In addition to those lovely benefits, the best thing that I’d gain...

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