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Life in other countries is worse than life in the United States and many other countries in the world. A country in Africa, is one of the poorest countries in the world and the worst places to live. The country in Africa is Uganda. R ural Uganda is the worst part of the country which is where about 85 percent of the population lives. Uganda is a small country with a population of around 36,000,000, and half are under the age of 15. Uganda borders Lake Victoria, Kenya, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Tanzania. The capital of Uganda is Kampala and the President is Yoweri Museveni. Uganda is a very interesting country with how the life, health, education, and climate is ...view middle of the document...

On average, people in Uganda make about $1-$2.25 everyday (DCI). Having no money in Uganda can lead to many things.
Life in Uganda is terrible. The money that people make in Uganda is never enough to support their families. Many families in Uganda are big with at least 6 children and only 1 adult. They cannot afford the most important things like food, water, clothing, and shelter (Our Africa-Poverty). 1 in 3 people do not even have a safe water supply to drink (‘Amazima Eco-Friendly Development’). For food the adult would always get what they could find. They often ate food from what they found in the trash, rice, plantains, cakes from mud and salt, and crops from whatever they could grow because of the drought (Katie Davis “Kisses From Katie” p. 31). Also, many kids do not have adults in their families that live with them so they have to take care of themselves and their siblings. Houses are made of tin, mud, bricks, cardboard, and sheets and are very small and usually only one room. The one room in the house is where at least 6-10 people live and where they have their kitchen, bathroom, and where they sleep. Their ‘beds’ are made of newspaper, cardboard, rags, and trash which isn’t really healthy, but really their whole house isn’t a very safe place to live. Houses aren’t always waterproof either (DCI, and Katie Davis “Kisses From Katie” p. 201, p. 237). Most to almost all people in Uganda do not have vehicles because they can’t afford them and there isn’t many roads. Most of the roads are dirt and not many are paved. When it rain it doesn’t stop for awhile, so the roads are very muddy since they are not paved. That means they have to walk everywhere and to add to this problem, a lot of people do not have shoes which can be vary dangerous not to have. Many people also cannot afford clothes either. They usually have only one set of clothes and they find them in the trash. They can never wash them either and they are always very smelly and filthy (DCI, Katie Davis “Kisses From Katie” p. 6, p. 7, p. 9, p. 17, p. 26, and Our Africa-Poverty).
There are a lot of bad diseases and other bad things in Uganda. Some of the diseases that are in Uganda are HIV, AIDS, Rabies, Tuberculosis, Ringworm, and Malaria. People can get all of these diseases just by being by someone, living with someone, or the worst is just getting it from there filthy houses (Katie Davis “Kisses From Katie” p. 6, p. 7, and Our Africa-Health). HIV and AIDS is very common in Uganda and is very deadly. Anyone and everyone can get it by just living in the same house and that’s why around 10 percent of the population has it including adults and children (UNAIDS). Ringworm is fungi that grows on top of people’s heads (Katie Davis “Kisses From Katie” p. 7). People in Uganda can get Malaria by getting bit by mosquitoes, which there are many mosquitoes in Uganda. Malaria kills around 400 people each day in Uganda. To not get Malaria people can sleep with a net over them to not get bit by...

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