Life Is A Musical Performance; It Presents Us With Crescendos

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Life is a musical performance; it presents us with crescendos and decrescendos. It can sometimes be allegro, yet life can also become pesante; just like a musical performance?life will never be perfect but will be beautiful in its glory. One has to stay with the beat or else will be left behind, and once the music is over that one unique performance will be impossible to replace! An opportunity presented to me is music. Music can evoke love, hate, sadness, or happiness among other feelings. No matter which of these feelings it might be the sure thing is, that music is liberating; music is without a doubt cathartic.One of the opportunities music has provided for me is the chance of being part of a family, that family being choir. With it come many responsibilities such as making sure that the section (Alto section) is harmonizing not only within itself but also with the rest of the choir. Choir is a family but a team as well, and we must help and stand by each one of our teammates, so to speak. Everyday is a learning experience unlike any other, and without choir and music this learning experience would be lackluster.Music has made me grow as a person and has gifted me with all the confidence I lacked. I would have never imagined myself being able to speak in front of a class full of people; me being the shy person that I was, yet being part of choir and being involved in music made me believe that I was capable of anything I set my mind to. Knowing that I belonged and that I was actually good at performing was the greatest high I?ve ever known. These experiences helped me come out of my shell and made me realize that Music is my life and it is what I want to do for as long as I?m on this earth. I can still remember my first performance as a soloist; it was the Christmas concert of December 2001. Susana Garcia was just about to be done with her performance and at that moment I said to myself,...

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