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Life Is A Video Game Essay

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We are born to serve a purpose, in which you are liable to choose yourself. Though there are many different analogies depicting life and its hardships, video games seemed like a logical comparison to events pertaining to real life. Life is like a video game, you choose your strengths, skills, weaknesses, goals, character, and the way you want to live it. As a human we are given the freedom to create the thoughts and feelings in our identities. Every event has its positive and negative repercussions, but you have the choice to continue or end the game.
In the real world, humans tend to focus on things that have least importance and become desensitized towards knowing their real goal in life, ...view middle of the document...

There are no serious repercussions to failing in a videogame except yelling at the TV and throwing your controller out the window. Having decided to play a video game, we have also agreed to certain guidelines. If we are playing a first person shooter or a role playing game, we have agreed to use certain weapons and tactics to complete the mission. We cannot change the certain aspects of the game, unless you place cheat codes and hacks that bend and twist them. In life there are no shortcuts, there are no shortcuts towards the path of success. In a video game we can imagine that the characters in the game have feelings, thoughts and intentions. We can play our characters according to the guidelines of the game. If we quit playing, the other players will continue; same goes in life, we quit, other people will have less competition and create success on our failures. We can only change the rules of the game by adopting the identity of the player. In life, you have to reprogram the game to change its rules and the objectives. At first you are just playing the game. You identify one of...

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