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Life Is "Hard" Without Technology Essay

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The world of technology has monopolized society in a way that most people depend on it. Technology has disabled the human race’s ability to be comfortable with face to face interaction, creating social awkwardness when intermingling with others. It makes it “hard” for young boys and girls to socialize with one another without immediately turning to the comforts of their cellular device. The fact that society has come to this point, inspired Sherry Turkle’s article “Digital Demands: The Challenges of Constant Connectivity” where the term “hard” continues to be used to prove that people are no longer able to finish a simple task without difficulty. The young generation has become sluggish in simple activities because technology displays an easier way in completing such tasks.
Pursuing this further, Sherry Turkle’s career focused on the interaction of social situations through the use of technology. She noticed this factor through her progressive research and realized that the only word to describe the social awkwardness between the new generations is “hard”. The term is defined as things that use to be a simple task have been turned into something that is difficult to accomplish. Turkle “sees a generation [that] constantly says I would rather text than make a call” (Turkle 373) through her studies as a professor. Many people feel that it is quicker to text instead of calling, including myself. There have been times where the thought of talking to a person, seemed like it would be excessive work. Texting seemed like the quickest task, when in reality it’s actually more work. Compared to texting where I would have to use my fingers, just calling that person would take less than 10 seconds. This explains why the use of “hard” is used constantly in the article, because this example shows how calling would be difficult for this generation.
In addition, Turkle makes another point in her article. Turkle points out the overuse of power points in a school setting. Power point is seen as a way to summarize a topic in a small presentation using bullet points, images and small videos. Most students would rather find a power point to summarize their topic than finding research through books. Also, it hinders students from using their critical thinking, because most of the answers could be found on a power point. With the use of power points, everything is seen as being concise with bullet points. There is no development in the subtopics that appear in the presentation until the teacher has to explain.
In my experience, there have been instances where my teacher would ask what the class thinks about the ideas of a certain person, and no one would answer. We would either search on google or stare into space, hoping that someone might answer the...

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