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Life Is Messy, So Choose Wisely

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onsequences come from choices individuals make, such as waking up in the morning at a specific time in order to avoid traffic. However, even if the decisions are not made by the individual, they still have to suffer the consequences of those decisions made by others. Take, for instance, the choice that someone makes to drink and drive while under the influence. If that person kills someone, then his decision impacts the lives of everyone involved and not just himself. A theme in Peace Like a River, by Leif Enger, is that people must accept the consequences of their actions because it influences the direction they go in life. This theme is developed through the character of Jeremiah, the conflict between Davy and the law, and the symbolism in the title of the novel.
The character of Jeremiah reflects how choices influence a person’s future. In the novel, Jeremiah Land was swept up by a tornado, but miraculously he survived. He thought that surviving was a signal from God, and as a result, he felt that he needed to follow God’s will (Enger, pg. 52). However, Jeremiah needed to decide whether to continue his career in the medicine field, or to sacrifice what he had achieved in his career to devote the following years of his life to God. His faith in God was so strong, that he chose to give up his career. This is acknowledged by his son Reuben, when he states, “Dad surrender his studies and a prosperous future” (Enger p. 56). According to his son, if Jeremiah had continued with his career, he would have been economically successful. His decision to give up his career led to the dissolution of his marriage. Enger shows the reader that all decisions come with a sacrifice, and that it is ultimately up to the person to make his choice based on what he values most, and accept the outcomes of those decisions. In Jeremiah’s case he accepted not having a good economic life, but he would have a fulfilled spiritual one with his children. Enger also gives the idea that sometimes the outcomes of the decisions made by the individual will affect someone else's life. For instance, Reuben's life is influenced by his father's decision to perform the miracle of bringing him back to life, even if that was not what God had planned for him. Jeremiah's intervention is observed when he insists, “breathe ….breathe! …. Reuben Land, in the name of the living God I am telling you to breathe” (Enger, p. 3). Jeremiah ordered his son to breathe, even though twelve minutes had passed since he was dead; however, when he orders Reuben to come back to life, he says that in the name of God he must resuscitate. Reuben was not destined to live, and because his father's choice went against what was supposed to happen, Reuben must live an asthmatic life that limits what he is able to do. Ultimately, Enger portrays how all decisions have consequences, and many times the results will not be the expected ones.
The conflict presented between Davy and the law depicts that people must...

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