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Life Lessons In The "Twilight" Series

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Is true love worth risking everything? That is the question I found myself asking as I began reading Twilight. At first some may chose not to read the books or see the movie because they feel a story based on vampires and werewolves is a little unbelievable. Twilight is about more than fictional characters and that is what attracted my attention to the series. It takes us on a journey of discovering that when true love is amazingly strong one can overcome any battle. Since discovering these series Stephanie Myers the author of Twilight has become such an inspiration to me.
As I began reading the first book in the series I observed how similar the two main characters were yet they were so diverse. They are so diverse in fact that their love for one another is what some may call a forbidden love. Edward Cullen considered an outcast by many was captivated by Bella Swan the new girl in school one a vampire the other a human. The way Edward was drawn to Bella by her scent was the most critical reason their love was not upheld by others. Yet they both were willing to jeopardize everything while breaking all the rules to be together all for the sake of true love. After the first couple of chapters my curiosity was enticed and I was eager to see if their love would withhold all the hardships life would throw their way.
As I began to more understand the relationship these two had formed I found that the foundation of their love began with risks taken and their devotion for one another. I was taken to the place Edward and Bella where and felt as if I was traveling this journey with them. Edward’s devotion to Bella is incredible as he never deserts her and is constantly there to protect her from the dangerous situations that she always seeped to find herself in. This is where I became aware of the fact that...

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