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The Responsible Use Of Water Essay

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Many people around the world need water. Around 780 million people are unable to get clean water (One Billion Affected). People who do have access to clean water in their homes, have to pay a fee. The people who struggle to live obviously do not have enough money to buy water. People who are unable to have clean water have a good chance of dying either from disease or from dehydration. At least 3.4 million people die a year from water problems such as sanitation (One Billion Affected).
The United States of America is founded on the idea that all men and women are created equal with certain unalienable rights. These are the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Americans are confused on what to prioritize: making a profit for personal happiness or the unalienable right to life. Water is a necessity for life. Therefore, clean water is a right that has been taken advantage of, and used as a commodity.
Which is more important: the right to life or the pursuit of happiness? In this specific situation, is it more important to make money off water or save lives by making clean water accessible to all? Companies that focus their energy toward earning money by making water a commodity are dooming the planet and the human race. With the water source being depleted, a basic necessity of life will be cut out. Those who are privileged, like Americans, should step into the situation.
According to the United States Environmental Protection agency, EPA, the average American family, four people, uses around 400 gallons every day (US Indoor Water Use | WaterSense | US EPA). So that would average to about 100 gallons per person. All that a person needs to survive is to drink at least two quarts a day (How Much Water Do You Need To Survive? | Wonderopolis). The amount of water one American uses a day could potentially provide 200 people with the water they need. However, American citizens on their own do not do this. Therefore, American citizens need someone to show them how to use their water responsibly. This responsibility then falls onto the shoulders of the government.
Each branch of government has a specific role that they could be playing. The President can set an example for his people by choosing to use water responsibly and addressing this issue. He can appeal to a legislature, who can then draft a bill that will help with the conservation of water. From here, they can learn how to save water, so that it can be distributed elsewhere. The Secretary of State, the executive branch, deals with foreign affairs. The executive branch would be the connecter between America’s water supply and countries in need of water, such as India. The water supply could then be transported to other countries, thus saving many lives in the process.
The government could do a lot in this area, but they choose not to. This is because private sectors are currently making money. America’s economy is a free market run by the “invisible hand”. This simply means the...

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