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Life Of A Hero In Gallipoli.

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I am Sean West. I have just enlisted for the Australian Imperial Force, just a day ago when they were recruiting men to serve in the army for Australia. I am a 22 year old actor, well not quite a real one yet but being an actor has been my childhood dream. I know I can make it big one day, my mother is so proud of me, she's so sure that I'll be on stage one day. But when they were recruiting members for the AIF, it was an opportunity I just had to grab! Something inside me told me to go with it. I just had to do it. I hope that some day my grand kids would see what their past generation has done for this country. By joining the AIF, not only am I serving for my county, and putting Australia on the map with the rest on the world, I will be able to see the world. It's a once in a life time opportunity to travel. For all my life, I have never seen beyond the borders of New South Wales. But soon, I'll be in England for our training. What an adventure the road ahead will be!One more day left, than I'll be on my way to England. I sure do hope that mother will be alright without me, living only with my little 10 years old sister. I've always been man of the house. I can hardly wait. I'm feeling anxious yet excited, I'm still worried about leaving my family though I keep telling mother and Chanel, "Don't worry, it will be all over by Christmas". But I am confident that the British know what's best for Australia.I am on the boat, on my way to England now. It was an overwhelming experience, waving goodbye to mother and Chanel and everybody else. It hurts me a lot to see mother and Chanel cry. People were upset to see their love ones leave for war but the rest of the nation was more proud of it. I have never seen the ocean before. It's beautiful, so big and out in the open with the fresh breeze, it seems to be never ending. There are a lot of men, more than I have guessed, roughly around 20 000 members of the infantry division and the light horse brigade. I am on the infantry division. We are under the commands of Major General William T. Bridges and Colonel Harry Chaves. I've met some good blokes already. We will be spending many weeks on the sea together.Many weeks later...I'm so awfully disappointed. I am not in England. I am in Egypt! The Generals had decided that there were already too many soldiers in the British training camps, so we were sent to Egypt instead. But I am still looking forward to Egypt, after all, this is just the start of my adventure. And it is a relief to be on land again. We are now called the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, Anzacs. The Generals had also decided that us Australian and New Zealand soldiers needed a name. We're resting now since it is our first day in Egypt. Today we had a doctor's inspection. Also a long lecture, on how serious this war was and how much we're doing for Australia by supporting Britain. We are having our photos taken in front on the pyramids and I've ridden a donkey! The weather is harsh. I was...

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