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Life Of A Child Essay

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In life, children attempt to get loose from the control of their parents, in the hope of freedom, individualism and a life without a need of conformity. In the novel “One flew over the Cokoo’s nest” written by Ken Kesey we experience the life of a child fighting for control from their Guardian known as “The Big Nurse”. The novel begins with a new addition to the ward named Mcmurphy, introducing himself as a person who fights authority and wants control of his surroundings. Throughout the novel he is fight for control of the patients with “Big Nurse” who resembles what was called “Big Brother” in the time of the writing of the novel. “Big nurse” was the one sole dictator of the ward until McMurphy enters the ward; “Big Nurse” was the one power forcing the ward to conform to her rules, using all of her available skills. One being her own hidden sexuality, the fact that she is a women provides a nurturing feel to when she speaks to patients, either causing guilt or shame to force conformity. If mothering does not work she goes to more extremes to conform her patients such as, Electro-shock Therapy and Lobotomies. The protagonist of the novel McMurphy defies all of her control with the use of his giddy personality and is push for individuality in the ward to gain control and a gift of freedom. In the beginning everyone fought for their own freedom but in the end they all conformed. After McMurphy’s loss of commitment to his war for control and freedom one patient goes so far as to commit suicide to attain freedom. In the end everyone fights to free themselves from the control of their parents and this novel is a great example of their valiant fight.
The author Ken Kesey published his novel in the 1960’s; during this era the US was in a weapons race we know as the Cold War. The cold war era is evident in the novel in how the guardian “Big Nurse” is such a controlling figure, and the government of the time was immense and so well connected that many people were convicted of treason during this time. The author illustrates the world with the use of the controlling “Big Nurse” in the representation of “Big Brother” and McMurphy as an Individual fight for his freedom. Throughout the novel “Big Nurse” attempt fights for attempts to fight for control and subdue the new rising rebellion, using her ability to shame and guilt patients to conformity. She may hide herself in the starch white nurse’s uniform, she still use it to her advantage with her...

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