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Life Of A Muslim In The U.S. After 9/11

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On September 11, 2001, since the terrorist attacks, many American Muslims have been stereotyped negatively in the United States. Salma, a Muslim woman, says that the way Muslims have been recognized in the media has played a big role in the antagonisms directed to her. “I don’t know how many time I heard my classmates accuse me of being al-Qaeda or a terrorist” (Mayton 2013). Salma, along with other Muslims, even after a decade, are still struggling with trying to find their “American” and “Islamic” identities, while facing verbal attacks for their ethnicity. Too often, the general Muslin population gets lumped in with the immoral acts of a few because of the lack of knowledge about their ...view middle of the document...

With that suspicion, it causes for all American’s to get a sense of fear towards Muslim’s. 17-year old Muslim, Fatima, would have to deal with the discrimination coming from her classmates all through her school year. “They would call me sandn**er, a terrorist, and other horrible names, “ she said. Even in high school after the Boston bombing it got worse for her. “I think its getting better, but it is hard emotionally to be a Muslim in America”. Maybe explain a bit more on the aspect of security for muslims (Find a story where they were checked before boarding and how they felt)
Islamic Identity
Think if you were a new student, moving to a different school, struggling to fit in there with everyone. Similar to that, Muslim Americans today are still trying to fit into America without being labeled, and to be able to have a better future. 65% of the Muslim American population happens to be first generation immigrants, and out of that population, 77% of them are American citizens, while 65% of them are foreign-born (Morello). To be Muslim means to fast during Ramadan, and pray at least 5 times a day, and with these Islamic faiths and rituals, it’s becoming hard to become one with the Americans. Muslim boys wear a turbon and girls wear a veil and headscarf, which may attract a lot of attention to them, to express their identity, and their always struggling against America’s dislike of their Islamic ways.
Islam is viewed as a religion that teaches and encourages violence against others, and because of all the criticism the Islamic faith receives, they blame it on their Islamic leaders for not speaking out against extremism views and teaching Americans more about their ways. To long of a sentence Many Muslims are trying to not be named un- American by attempting to adapt to an American life without their Islamic ways, List a few of these ways? while others are voicing about their Islamic religion and continuing it. “I regret that now because my...

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