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Wars are fought for freedom and independence and usually when soldiers come home we receive them with open arms ready to praise them and thank them for putting their lives on the line. If you were asked to describe a soldier, you’d probably say heroic, brave, courageous, or honorable. After the Vietnam War, parades weren’t the welcoming soldiers got; instead, they were shunned and booed at.
People’s opinion on the war was greatly influenced by the media. During the Vietnam War, the horrors that were happening on the battlefield were shown to Americans in their living rooms. There was no censorship meaning Americans back home saw dead bodies, Vietnamese children being shot and villages ...view middle of the document...

Vietnam veterans didn’t return as courageous but as drug addicts.
Post- traumatic stress disorder includes nightmares, flashbacks and re-experiencing; also, hopelessness, withdrawal from family and friends and depression. Post- traumatic stress disorder is a common result of war; however, it wasn’t during Vietnam times. Before there had been very little cases of PTSD; Vietnam changed that and in the 1980s is when PTSD was taken seriously because many veterans complained about resembling symptoms. When soldiers returned home, they felt isolated from society. Instead of getting support from family and friends, affection or a welcome back to his country; they dealt with criticism and hatred. And since his family and friends didn’t really know what he went through nor understood him he couldn’t talk to anyone about it. As a result, about 50,000 Vietnam veterans committed suicide and more than 153,600 Vietnam veterans got treatment for PTSD.
Veterans received disapproving looks from everyone: government officials, protestors, and those who were supposed to be there for him the most: his family, friends, or...

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