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A normal day at the Connolly house consists of sitting around the living room, my step-mom; Bonita (Bonnie) Jean Young Connolly in her chair, my dad lying down on the floor, and the kids sitting on the couch and on the floor, all listening to my step-mom tell about her day, constantly joking about everything anyone says. From living in Sierra Leone playing with monkeys and helping Africans, to living in Keymar, Frederick, with four kids of her own and three step-kids helping everyone she can, my step-mom has been more like a mother to me than a step-mom. She is the most caring person I have ever met, and probably ever will meet. Not a day goes by where she hasn't helped out one person. In 1945, my Grandmother and Grandfather and two of my uncles were hiding in a boat to Africa during the war, my Grandmother six months pregnant, prayed everyday that she would be okay. My Grandfather, a minister, was going over to Africa to attend to Africans that were in need. While they were living in a small house in Sierra Leone, my step-mom was born on August 2nd, 1945. "All I remember from living in Africa was eating Casava leaves. I can't remember what they tasted like, but I liked them," she says while giving out a soft giggle. "Also, I remember my parents always helping Africans, feeding them, giving them clothes, teaching them," she says smiling, as she looks down at the table. She moved to the United States in 1948, my Grandfather taking over the ministry at a nearby church. "Being a minister's daughter was great," she says, pausing for a second, "sometimes." All the people in the church helped out with everything. "We were very poor so we needed a lot of help." "Growing up as the youngest, and the only girl was nice," she says. "My parents spoiled me the most," she adds, smiling. "But I grew up to be a huge tomboy, wearing my brother's hand-me-downs. I was very athletic. I was very competitive with my brothers, and they were nerds, so I beat them in all of the sports," she gloats, laughing while she says it. As we sit in the living room, her in the chair she always sits in, and me in the recliner, I start to look around the room. She is very much like a grandmother. Lots of family pictures are hanging up on the walls; there is a lit fireplace, furniture that looks comfortable,...

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