Life Of An Intercessor Essay

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Life of an Intercessor

There are many meanings to the word intercession: 1. to have a conversation on
behalf of, 2. to plead with or for another, 3. to make a petition on behalf of another, and 4.
to approach a King to plead the cause of others.1
God has used a countless number of people as intercessors over several years.
There are many recorded in the Bible and many modern intercessors have had books
written about them. For example, Esther was a great intercessor in the Bible because she
risked her own life by going into King Ahasuerus courts to plead for her people to not be
sentenced to death according to the decree in which Haman made. She would have been
killed if she had not first prepared herself and had not found favor in the sight of King
Ahasuerus. 2
One of the great intercessor of modern times that has been written about is Rees
Howells. He gave his whole life to intercession. He went through every aspect of
intercession and was very willing to lay his life down for people he did not even know
because he had Jesus' love so overflowing within him for everyone he met. He once came
to the point of dying because he took on the intercession for a tubercular women. He
came to the point of having the disease himself and coming to the point of death to see
that the woman no longer had it.3
The greatest intercessor of all though was and is Jesus. He came to the earth in
the form of a man to experience all man have to experience. While He was on the earth he
would pray for man, healed man, and even bless man when He was cursed by man. When
all was to come to the end, He then died to take all of mankind's sin, and then showed
man by His resurrection that he can have dominion over sin. Most importantly though, by
all of this He stood in the gap and made a way for man to once again have a relationship
with God which intern would entitle man to have eternal life. He showed that in order to
be an intercessor, willingness to lay everything down must first be applied, then the steps
of identification, agony and authority will follow which will be explained in this paper.
God calls everyone to be an intercessor, but some people experience intercession
in a deeper way than others. Although this is true, all people must go through the laying
down of their own lives in yielding to the Holy Spirit, because He is the one Jesus sent to
intercede through us.
The Holy Spirit can not work through man at all unless first he gives up his whole
life as a yielded vessel in His hands. No two people can be in charge of the same life.
Man must give up all his selfish desires, ambitions, plans for his life and submit himself to
whatever the Holy Spirit may have for him.
The Holy Spirit though very capable, cannot take these things or work them out
unless first the person has the willingness for Him to do so. Although very difficult every
single thing must be handed over in complete submission....

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