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Life Of Barrack Obama Essay

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The Tactics and Strategies involved in World War 2World War 2 was caused by the Versailles treaty that was given to Germany due to their failure in World War 1. The Versailles treaty had Germany compensate for the war costs of different nations, as well as giving up some of their land to compensate. It was a very unfair treaty where eventually, one man spoke up about the unfairness and motivated the German population to rise up in arms, that man was Adolf Hitler. World War 2 was the time where Germany was under the influence of Hitler's ideology of the Third Reich (the Nazi definition of Germany), Hitler used 2 key tactics to decimate the allies in the early stages of the war and to motivate his people to fight for his own cause. These two tactics were the Blitzkrieg and the brainwashing influence of Hitler's Propaganda.BlitzkriegBlitzkrieg was the battle strategy where speed, efficiency and surprise were the key elements giving its success. Hitler used the Blitzkrieg strategy to efficiently cut through the allied defences while losing barely any infantry soldiers. Blitzkrieg was successful due to the powerful and speedy mechanised army of Germany. Blitzkrieg relied on a military force be based around light tank units supported by planes and infantry which was fast and would strike fear into the backline of the defending forces. While in reign, Hitler decided to ignore the Versailles Treaty completely and managed to mass produce a number of powerful war machines such as Panzer tanks, Stuka Dive Bombers and Half-track troop carriers thanks to Germany's strong industrial production and engineering power. (, 2014)Above: Portrait of the Blitzkrieg (RTSGuru 2013)Blitzkrieg was mainly based on Alfred von Schlieffen's 'Schlieffen Plan' which was a strategy for a quick military victory while minimising soldier casualties. The tactic was utilized in the early stages of the war and its effect was devastating as it managed to push both the British and French allied forces back to the beaches of Dunkirk in a few weeks. (, 2014) Another aspect which allowed the Blitzkrieg to be so effective would be the outdated mindsets of the allied commanders. The old warfare style involves sending waves of infantry to attempt to break through the opposition's trench defence line. Blitzkrieg involved the highly mobile Mechanical forces to speedily crush the unorganised defence force due to the quick bombings of the Dive Bombers. A speedy and powerful force would always win out against an old fashioned and unorganised defence line.What eventually caused Germany to lose the war even with such new and strong strategy would be because of Germany's supplies in both men and material. Since Blitzkrieg can only be utilized on a stationary trench defence line meaning that in regular battles, Blitzkrieg cannot be applied thus meaning Germany losing their military forces. This created a domino effect in Germany's warfare, because Blitzkrieg...

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