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Life Of Geoffrey Chaucer Essay

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Geoffrey Chaucer (1340-1400) Geoffrey Chaucer led a truly remarkable life. He was one of the greatest English poets and he had accomplished a lot, from being "The Father of English Poetry" to serving the royal family. Chaucer marks the time period when the English language became derived from French. Not only did he originate his own language, which is referred to as The Chaucerian Language, but he also came very close to creating a new nation. His language, however, would frequently be compared to that of Shakespeare. Both Shakespeare and Chaucer thought of their own creative ideas to incorporate within their poems. Chaucer had a tremendous effect on the world of poetry in numerous ways, mainly with his alterations of the English language, but also with the introduction of a seven-line stanza in iambic pentameter. The literary device first appeared in his poem, "Trolius and Criseyde." It is apparent in his poems that Chaucer was considered a "humorist and humanist," because he had two sides to him. He expressed both the comical and serious aspects of his personality.Chaucer was born and raised on Thames Street in London, England around 1340. The name, Chaucer, comes from the French word Chausser, which means the maker of footwear. He lived during the medieval English age. During that time, Chaucer was a very ordinary name, because it was related to a mutual trade. His religion was Catholic. While attending the Latin grammar school of Saint Paul's Cathedral, he studied law. The Chaucer family was very elaborate, and there are barely any known facts about them. His parents were important London wine merchants. His grandfather, Robert le Chaucer, was connected with the imports of wine as well. His grandmother, Mary le Chaucer, married at least twice. All the information about his family comes from legal documents. It is known that Chaucer was fluent in French and he spoke some Latin and Italian. From 1359-1360, he served in the army of Edward III in France, where he was later seized. He went on various political and military expeditions all over the world. In 1366, he married Philippa de Roet, the daughter of Sir Payne Roet. They had two children by the names of Thomas and Lewis. Several years later, in 1387, Philippa de Roet passed away of an unknown cause. The following year, Chaucer moved from London to Greenwich where he became justice of the peace and representative to Parliament. Throughout his life, he traveled on several missions. He went to France around 1360, Spain in 1366, and Italy in 1372. Then he moved into a house near St. Mary's Chapel in the garden of Westminster Abbey where he spent his remaining days.He achieved a tremendous amount throughout his life. He served in The Hundred Year's War between England and France, which took place from 1359-1360. After the fighting came to an end, he was a messenger between France and England during the peace negotiations. A few years later, he was a member of the royal family, which includes...

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