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To quote Hypatia, “Life is an unfoldment, and the further we travel the more truth we can comprehend. To understand the things that are at our door is the best preparation for understanding those that lie beyond” (BrainyQuote, 2013). April of 2012, I recall my niece who was then 16 years of age called me to ask for advices. She was growing fast, assertive on what she wanted to be and about her future goals. However she had a very serious problem. That kind of problem that almost every teenager is faced with. “Why is that all of my friends they criticize me for not doing what the do” she asked; and why is that every want me to be like them, and don’t want to let me be myself she ...view middle of the document...

This was also known as Neo-Platonism, and in those periods it was consider a worthy rival to the teaching of Christianity. Therefore Hypatia was sought to be a female protagonist whose purpose was to lead people to paganism. However she had many students and among those were also Christians such as Synesius. This later one protected her from the Christian militia. But after his death, Christian fanatics in 415CE murdered Hypatia, and her dismembered body was burned to a place called Cinaron (Toohey, 2003).

Considering Hypatia’s life, we can describe it in of her developmental process, which in her case is mostly based on her adult life since that is the portion of her life that is covered in historical data. First, when considering cognitive development in adulthood, Piaget recognized cognitive growth is a continued process throughout the life span and the focus on cognitive growth was multifaceted (Harris, 2005). In examining Hypatia’s adult life, she displayed many different facets of her knowledge as a scholar. She was proficient in Mathematics, Astronomy, Astrology, and Philosophy. She did not learn all of these at once. While she learned other concepts from her father, had also mastered many theories from her own intellectual quest. This is because her intellectual ability kept on increasing, as she got older. She went from writing articles with her father to having to classes in the library. This is mostly because of her crystallized and not fluid abilities because Cattle-Horn theory says that crystallized abilities increase or remain the same from young adulthood to late adulthood (Harris, 2005).

The second consideration is the physical developmental process. Although there are not enough data ranging from her childhood to adulthood, we know from Bailey (2005) that “the transition from adolescence to adulthood is primarily characterized by two events: the end of increases in height and full reproductive maturity. Generally speaking, however, the adult stage is characterized by its stability.” This is also true in this case. However when we consider the appearance in the physical developmental process, it had been reported that Hypatia was very beautiful although no likeness of her remains (Toohey, 2003). She was a female, who some people have described as beautiful teaching in the field where her counterparts...

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