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A question that I've been asked a lot is, "Do you want to be famous?" My answer always remains yes. I am Influ's little sister. I would not change that for anything in the world. My brother is my world. When someone says, "the world doesn't revolve around one person," I just giggle because mine does. Even though he is not as famous as Beyoncé or Michael Jackson, he still faces many of the same struggles they do on a regular basis. A simple trip to the mall isn’t even the same anymore. While I'm trying to spend quality time with Roger, people are yelling at him and approaching us. Most people don't understand that Roger and Influ are different. Influ comes out on stage, while Roger is the one who puts in the hard work. Imagine two people sharing one body, my brother is the result. I'm grateful for all the fame and recognition that comes with it. On a daily basis I receive many new followers on social media and people trying to reach out to me. The people trying to get close to us are at an all-time high whenever he has an upcoming performance. I've met some famous people who I've looked up to since my toddler days and at first, it was overwhelming but then you get used to it. People treat you almost like royalty. The life is glamorous and I love it. I absolutely love getting dolled up to attend various events. I, personally, have a different life at school than most of my peers. I can wear whatever I want and no student says anything because they know Roger is different, therefore I'm expected to be also. For the most part, I like that because no one judges me. During my school day, I'm not much of a social butterfly. To others, school is a big part of their life and holds importance. But myself, I'm always looking ahead. It is almost as if I don't have my identity anymore. I'm known as "Roger's girl," but I don't mind. I like that everyone knows where my loyalty lies. Though, the life is amazing and astonishing, the bad comes in abundance. Envision your most prize possession being disrespected. It's very painful and can physically hurt you. I deal with that too much. Rumors are constantly circulating about the family and some of them are just so ridiculous that it takes an ignorant person to even believe them. Anywhere there is success and greatness; there is also hate and envious spectators. But, if you keep your eyes on your goal, you will become invincible. Sometimes there are fan girls chuckling and snooping around him. No one has ever overstepped their boundaries, yet. Everyone always has something to say, whether it be negative or positive. Some things that are said are simply plain rude, while others are filled with passion and love. Then there's the crazy, creepy fan that seems to be everywhere at once. I'm attached to the lifestyle of the rich and famous. I like the personalized clothing and generous smiles. Living in the life of fame also has an extremely dark side. It will surprise you how many celebrities do dangerous and harmful...

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