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Life Of Nostradamus Essay

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The Life of Nostradamus (1503 - 1566)
Nostradamus was born on the fourteenth of December in 1503 in Saint-Remy de Provence in France as Michel de Nostredame. He is meant to be the first of nine children to Jacques de Nostredame and Renee de Saint-Remy. There is little known about his early childhood. It is said that he was thought by his grandfather Jean de Saint-Remy but whether this is true or not is unknown.
In 1519 , Michel de Nostradame left home to study at the University of Avignon where he had wished to get a Baccleaurette degree but due to the plague the University closed shortly after a year of Nostradamus studying there. Nostradamus then spent the next eight years travelling ...view middle of the document...

The document of expulsion still exists and can be found in the Montepellier library. Although some people may refer to him as a doctor Nostradamus never actually obtained a degree as a doctor.
While he never became a doctor, he was invited to join Jules-Cesar Scaliger who was famous for his writing on Humanism in the town of Agen in 1531. While working with Scaliger he met a woman named Henriette D'Encause. The two soon married and had two children. Unfortunately in 1534, Nostradamus' wife and children passed away from the plague. Nostradamus was left devastated as he was known as the Famous plague doctor but was unable to save his families life. Haunted by the bad memories of Agen, he decided that it would be best to leave and travelled throughout Italy and France. He seems to have been unheard of while travelling for those six years .
Nostradamus then returned to France where he became an assistant to Doctor Louis Serre who specialised in treating the plague. Shortly after learning from Louis Serre he moved on to working on his own against the outbreak of the plague in Aix. He was so successful in treating the plague that the citizens gave him a lifelong pension as a token of their grattitude.
As there was no reason for him to stay in Aix , he had come to a conclusion that he wanted help people, he moved on to Salon-de-Provence to treat the outbreak of the plague in the town. It was here that Nostradamus met a wealthy widow, Anne de Ponsarde and soon married her in 1547. They then had six children, three sons and three daughters.
Shortly after marrying Anne de Ponsarde, Nostradamus left for Italy, where he discovered astrology and fortune telling. Nostradamus became very fascinated on the topic and once returning to France, he completely moved away from Medicine and begun to study astrology. In the book 'The Legends of The Renaissance: The Life and Legacy of Nostradamus' by Charles River Editors 'It is believed that Nostradamus became a prophet when he suffered from trauma from when he lost his first wife and his two children. '
Some unreliable accounts on the internet such as Wikipedia, state that Nostradamus ran into trouble with the Catholic Church but this is not the case as he always had a good relationship with Church but it is true that he was imprisoned briefly due to publishing an almanac in 1562 without the permission of the Bishop.
By 1550, he has published a book called 'Propheseys'. This book included twelve quatrains which were 4 line poems. Nostradamus' predictions were accepted by the people at the time and the French royals began to approach him and asked him to predict the future of their families. It was around this time where Michel De Nostradame begun to call...

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