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Life Of Oedipus Rex Essay

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Oedipus Rex suffered a strange, confusing, awkward, and sometimes embarrassing childhood. His trauma as a child, wretched beginning, strange fetish for older women, and unfavorable standing with the gods left him with no alternative but to suffer a terrible life. But what really drove the man to become what he will forever be remembered as? Little to nothing is truly known about his early life before his ascension to the throne and triumph over the Sphinx. After countless years of research and dedication one specialist has finally gathered enough information to show us the mystery behind the man, these are his stories.
In the beginning, Oedipus Rex found himself thrown into the wilderness: abandoned, feet pierced and bound in an attempt to cripple, and left to the mercy of the gods. Luckily, a servant to the rulers of a Corinth just happened to being walking by and found him lying helplessly in a basket. The servant arrived at the obvious conclusion that the only thing to do was bring the child to his master to be raised in the palace of the King and Queen so the child would have a wonderful future. King Polibus and Queen Merope were more than happy to take the child in as their own as they were very conveniently childless themselves. They thanked the gods and honored Oedipus by naming him just that “Oedipus” which means “swollen feet”, so that his terrible defect would always be in his mind.
“Swollen Feet” lived a life of luxury; his every need (and foot massage) was met by his dutiful servants and his doting parents who loved him with a passion no true birth parent could ever acquire. He slowly gained the ability to walk (which was quite a feat with those feet) and
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even went through the earliest stages of physical therapy ever recorded: eventually reaching a point where his limp was barely noticeable and therefore almost irrelevant in his day to day life. He was taught all the important duties a ruler is tasked with to lead a nation; how to govern, how to lead, how to dispense justice, and how to become a fierce warrior (something he had no problem showing should anyone ridicule his slight limp).
As Oedipus grew older, he was exposed to the highest level of education available at the time achieving the rank of second in his high school class, something he was quite proud of (he became valedictorian after the mysterious disappearance of the first ranked student). Oedipus was also the only graduate of Ye Olde Greek University, home of the Minotaur’s, to reach the honor of summa cum laude (though some historians still argue he intimated his professors into giving him A’s). All-in-all Oedipus was a rather normal child, but as soon as he began to breach the...

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