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Life Of Pi: A Character Analysis Of Richard Parker English Essay

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Exasperated from a long day of work, Clarissa unlocked her apartment and fell right onto the couch. Her feet were swollen and aching from running around the busy café, writing down orders after orders, and serving mountains of food. She was happy to be back in her small and cozy apartment.
A few moments later she got up from her couch and dragged herself into the bathroom. She took a hot and relaxing shower and slipped into her favorite pajamas. Grabbing a sketchbook, pencil, and her glasses, Clarissa curled up on her bed. Before opening the sketchbook, she thought about her day. Getting up and going to work. Whatever. Seeing the usual and new customers. Same old thing. Staying up ‘till 12 and helping out the last few people. Not unusual. Clarissa sighed deeply. She’s done nothing with her life in New York City than sleep, eat, and work (sometimes the sleeping or eating doesn’t even happen on late nights). Even though Clarissa would never admit it, she was missing her home, friends, and family. Oh how she couldn’t wait for summer to end, so she could go to college. To New York University.
Clarissa’s an inspiring artist, and she wants to change the world with her art. Everything she has ever done with art had so much meaning and emotion, and Clarissa knew this was the path she wanted to take. She sighed again, looking down at her sketchbook filled with drawings, paintings, sketches, and so much more. The sketchbook is like a diary filled with many unknown secrets. Her pencil swirled on the paper, and Clarissa created intricate designs. Time flew as she drew, and before she knew it was already 1:30am. Looking at the time, she closed her sketchbook and went straight to sleep, dreaming about the future.
Clarissa swung open the café’s doors at 6:45am, an hour earlier than when her shift usually starts. The owner gave her a small smile and nod, it was not uncommon for Clarissa coming early for her shifts.
People were already coming in and out of the small café. New York City is constantly buzzing with people, so Clarissa got to work right away. She was so busy taking orders, she didn’t notice a young man walking in.
The young man was named Scott McCarthy. He was going to be a senior at New York University and majored in Photography and Imaging. He was scouting out an area to take pictures with his new Nikon D5200 DSLR Camera and came across this little café. Scott thought it was perfect, it was so vintage - definitely good enough for his portfolio.
While looking for a good shot, he noticed Clarissa. He knew there was something different about her, but he didn’t know what. Scott hoped she would come over and take his order, just so he could talk to her. Clarissa never did. Even though he was disappointed, he decided to wait for her and start snapping pictures. He wanted to meet her, he had to meet her.
It was 12:00pm - time for Clarissa’s lunch break. She grabbed her lunch from the kitchen and headed out into the café. Once she was seated at a two...

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