Life Of Pi Analysis Using Pathos, Tone And Repetition English Humanities 1 Essay

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Eliesha Perez
Mrs. Boone
Humanities 1
September 2015
Life of Pi Prompt
In Life of Pi, by Yann Martel uses pathos, repetition and tone to project the urgency of Pi’s situation with the big cats. Mr. Martel presents these three ideas in unique ways that they go together very smoothly for the readers of the book.
Mr. Martel shows pathos through two examples. Mr. Patel and Babu used the goat to show how vicious a wild tiger can be. They did it to show danger and to make the Patel brothers and readers have a negative appeal toward a tiger by the way it was presented at first in the book. Mr. Patel also led his two sons to the leopards and lions. He then told them about a victim of a lion. This lion story is also evidence of pathos in the book. The story goes, “Once was a madman in Australia who was a black belt in Karate. He wanted to prove himself against the lions. He lost. Badly. The keepers only found half his body in the morning” (36). This lion example shows pathos also through a negative appeal just like the tiger example. These two bid cat examples represent a negative appeal for pathos because after reading even just one of these examples, no one in their right mind would try to mess with any big cats. Yann Martel already presented the idea to the readers of his book that big cats shouldn’t be thought of like harmless household pets.
An example of repetition is when Mr. Patel led his two sons around the zoo, showing them various animals. These various animals that are used as examples are normally...

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