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Robert E. Lee By: Joshua Elkin For: Mr Goff Introduction Robert E. Lee was one of the most beloved generals of the Civil War and possibly of all American history. To the men he led he was a hero, and even after his death he was still loved by all his former troops. He was a man who put everyone above himself. This paper will explore the life of Robert E. Lee.Early Years On January 19, 1807, Ann Carter Lee's fourth child was born as Robert Edward Lee, named after her two brothers. In the spring of 1809, Robert E Lee was finally getting his first impression of Stratford, his boyhood home, marveling at its beauty. His father, Henry "Lighthorse Harry" Lee, one of the great heroes of the American Revolution, had hit a humiliating and embarrassing point in his life. He was in serious debt. Everything that could be sold was taken to pay his debts, and finally on April 11, 1809, he was arrested for a debt of $5400 with seven years interest on it. It was not until 1810 that he was released from prison. With absolutely nothing left, Henry Lee finally decided to leave his family because he was unable to provide them with the necessities of life. Everything was left to Ann Carter Lee in a trust fund that was set up by her father; when the estate was settled, the money that she would have would provide for Ann Carter Lee, but Henry was unable to touch it (Freeman, 5). West Point Military Academy When Robert was trying to choose his career, he thought of his brother who had chosen to join the navy. He thought if his brother could join the navy why couldn't he join the army? This is how Robert E. Lee's military career as a soldier began. He chose to apply to the United States Military Academy at West Point. On March 11, 1824, Robert was accepted but he could not attend until the next year due to an overflow of applicants. Lee journeyed by boat and horse to begin his military career at West Point Academy. A busy and rigorous schedule was set up for Lee leaving him little to no time for any sort of recreation. He spent four years at the academy. Lee was one of the highest scoring students in his classes, and Lee's astonishing military mind and discipline made him one of the few people who received zero demerits at the academy. During Lee's four years there, only four other cadets were able to do this (Freeman, 17).Preparation For The Mexican War Engineering Experience After attending West Point, Lee received his orders to report to Major Samuel Babcock at Cockspur Island, Georgia. On the island, his engineering work was not always exciting and interesting, and a lot of the time it was very hard work for him. His project at Cockspur Island was to seek out the best location to build a fort. At the beginning, Lee had to put all the information and skills he learned at West Point to use in constructing and choosing the location of the fort. Because of the bad weather...

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