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Life Of Steve Reich: The Village Voice

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My composer, Steve Reich, has written and continues to write contemporary, minimalist, vocal, and tape pieces. His pieces these pieces have been influenced not only by what he has encountered, but the music he had composed has influenced many others composer similar to him (Service). In this paper I will give a short biography of Reich that includes the many different places that he studied, what influenced his not so ordinary music styles, and what made him who he is today. I will also talk about his composition styles, which are different from many others, what influenced them, and what types of music her produced. Lastly, I will give my evaluation of one of his several world-renowned ...view middle of the document...

Reich was also honored with being included in the Percussive Arts Society. “When informed of his honor, the PAS Hall of Fame, Reich says he was thrilled. 'To be included with people like Varèse and Cage, as well as Russell Hartenberger and Bob Becker—the left hand and right hand of my ensemble!—is a real honor, and I am delighted,' he said (Weiss). In 2013, Reich won the BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award n the category of contemporary music, which is very sitting for him (Bergmann).
Steve Reich’s composition style is different from many others, and is known by many to be a contemporary music composer. Reich wrote minimalist pieces that had strong and persistent pulses, Avant-garde music that was very experimental during its time, tape music that has many loops and prerecorded sounds, and vocal music made up of human voices (Morrison). Like stated previously in the short biography, Reich has worked with my different people and in many different settings. These components, such as Cornell, Julliard, and the University of Ghana, have specifically contributed to him having such a wide range of musical compositions. Some of these compositions are jazz while others are classical. Steve Reich has been compared to musicians such Harry Partch, Tony Conrad, and Terry Riley (Morrison).
After reading a great amount about Steve Reich, his background, musical composition styles, and what made his music what it is today I listened to Music for 18 Musicians. This work embodies Reich’s music style because, like states before, it is experimental and...

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