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Life Of Stress Essay

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Stress is by definition, a mental, physical, and emotional expression of unresolved polarity and conflict in the mind, and nervous system. Stress comes from us, not the world. Sometimes stress is inside. Fear and uncertainty, attitudes and perceptions, unrealistic expectations and change result in stress. “The causes of stress are in our everyday life and we may have our ups and downs but stress is either good or bad we all have stress either a lot of a little”(). Causes of stress: work stress, being unhappy in a job , working heavily to much , working long hours , having poor management , and being insecure. Life stress: death of loved one ,divorce ,increase in loss of a job , increase ...view middle of the document...

A emotional response and anxiety , panic reactions, depression are all emotional health .
Emotional response can cause an eating disorder. 29 percent skipped a meal due to stress (31 percent in 2010). 39 percent reported overeating or eating unhealthy foods (40 percent in 2010). 44 percent reported lying awake at night , the same number as in 2010.

The centers for disease control and prevention repo
rts about 10 Americans adults suffer from depression , and that those aged 45-64 years mostly likely than other age grouped to meet the criteria for depression.
Stress can be the culprit for what is often thought of as illness. Some symptoms often considered illness (“Stress symptoms: Effect on your body and behavior.” Healthy lifestyle. Mayo clinic. 19 July 2013.Wed. 4 April 2014) .

Many people who experience stress have emotional health problems; 60 to 90% of doctor visits each year are stress related . 10%of people with symptoms of stress are treated for anxiety or depression and 6 % of the people seriously consider suicide. (“Stressed-out students:How Stress Affects Your Mind and Body”) .
Common effects of stress on behavior includes overeating or undereating , angry outbursts , drug or alcohol abuse , tobacco use , and social withdrawal.
Common effects of stress on mood include anxiety , restlessness , lack of motivation/ focus , irritability or anger , sadness or depression.
Sometimes in a traumatic event some people may get PTSD: is an emotional illness that is classified as an anxiety disorder . PTSD is Post Dramatic Stress disorder. PTSD is from a traumatic event that has happened in somebodys life from the past or the present. “Lake, Beth. Personal Interview”.
Stress can be the culprit for what is often of as illness. Some symptoms often considered illness but may actually be a result of stress are nagging headaches, frequent insomnia or reduced productivity at school or work. “Stress Symptoms: Effect on your body and behavior “.
Stress has a lot of impacted in everything stress significant life events , such as childbirth, marriage , divorce , unexpected serious illness, death of a loved one, the second , is everyday stress, created by our daily hassle and...

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