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Life On Earth Essay

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I was fifteen years old when Mama asked for my help. It seemed only fair that I do since Grandma had saved me from numerous whipping, a leg broken by a dare jump off of our back shed, and running away from home. I told Mama, it was only just.
I wasn’t sure why I seemed to be her favorite granddaughter. It’s not like I was pretty or talented like my other cousins. My hands were too small to play any instrument. My attention span was too short to excel at school. I just couldn’t do the girly things that my cousins could. For that, I was bullied day in and day out. I began keeping rocks that I would find on my way home from school in my pockets to bash my cousins or anyone else who bullied ...view middle of the document...

The door opened, Mama sat down next to me. I looked up at her. To my surprise her eyes were not filled with disappointment towards me but an emotion that I had not seen since father left us. We sat there, in silence. Finally, Mama spoke up. The help you are giving your Grandma is a different kind of help, Mama said, because Grandma is dying. Test after test had been performed and the doctor said it was only a matter of time. Although there was still time, that time would be spent with a person that was no longer Grandma. As the days pass, she will remember less about her life and who she is as well as the people around her.
And so it seemed only right that the hands which used to help her give life to the earth would help give any life they could to her dying soul. Day after day I sat with her in her living room, looking out the window for hours. Grandma dressed up for every occasion and always looked put together no matter what she was doing, but now, her gray hair hung over her shoulders in a disheveled mess and her clothing consisted of anything that still fit her, mainly sweat pants and t-shirts. When she slept, which was often, her eyelids never closed all the way. Up close, you could see her tired eyes looking out the window, staring hard, trying to remember. I left the window open when I went to Tom’s shop.
Across from the shop was a church. I did not know its denomination, but I went in anyways. I sat down on one of the pews and looked up at the high ceilings. I had completely forgotten about the immense windows, the cold seeping from the marble pillars, and the statues with barren eyes. I knew why I had never come back.
That was one of Father’s biggest disappointments. He would pound his hands on the walls, shaking the pictures of the past and screaming that if I did not go to mass then I had no reason to live for my soul was full of sin. He would grab my arm, dig his fingernails into my skin, and make sure that I understood...

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