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Life On Mars: Nonexistent Essay

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Is there actually life on Mars? There may be, but it is none like ours. There is no life on Mars.This is due to the fact that there is no methane on mars, and that landers on mars have never detected any life on the surface.
Speculation of aliens start all the way back at 1500 BC when Pharaoh Thutmose III saw “silent, foul smelling circle of fires and flying discs in the sky”(UFOs Through the Ages). There were many throughout the years. One, for example, happened in 170 BC. Conrad Wolfhart reports “At Lanupium, a remarkable spectacle of a fleet of ships was seen in the air.” (UFOs Through the Ages). Another more recent example is in 1952, when “Hundreds of residents of Veronica, Argentina witnessed six discs circling above the town, the disappearing into the night sky.”(UFOs Through the Ages). Aliens have always had speculation throughout history.
The lack of methane rules out any life on Mars. Curiosity,a probe on Mars, searched for methane between October 2012 to June 2013. “In a surprising and probably killer blow to the possibility of finding microbial life on Mars, Curiosity has reported that there’s no methane in the Martian atmosphere”(Anthony). Methane is a gas that is produced by living organisms. Without it, there is no possibility of life on Mars that is like that of Earth’s. Methane is also a gas that is relatively stable. “There’s no way, as far as we know, in which methane could’ve quickly escaped the Martian atmosphere”(Anthony). If methane were there, it could not have escaped the atmosphere of Mars, leading to a conclusion that there wasn’t any methane.
Another reason for the lack of life on Mars is that landers sent to Mars were unable to detect any life. “In 1976, NASA's Viking 1 and 2 landers touched down on the Martian surface and performed three separate experiments to search for signs of life... no organic compounds were ever detected by either lander”(Moskowitz). The landers were unable to detect any organic compounds. Organic compounds are produced by living things. No organic compounds means no microbial organisms. “Many scientists declared that Mars therefore must not have microbial organisms on its surface”(Moskowitz).
However, there maybe some evidence that suggests life exist on Mars. For one, water has been found on Mars. “The piece claimed that the Mars Exploration Rovers Spirit and...

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