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Life On Mars...Or Not Essay

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The Heavens. Once an object of superstition, awe and fear. Now a vast region for growing knowledge. The distance of Venus, the atmosphere of Mars, the size of Jupiter, and the speed of Mercury. All this and more we know. But their greatest mystery the heavens have kept a secret. What sort of life, if any, inhabits these other planets? Human life, like ours? Or life extremely lower in the scale. Or dangerously higher ().
With this quote on the mind, the planet known as Mars or the Red Planet made a big divide in the scientific community. This divide is about the extinct of life on this planet. There have been numerous counts of scientific evidence that there is life on Mars. But also there has been scientific evidence that goes against this very ideal. The scientific evidence that support that there has been life and it is still there extinct today on this planet has stood the test of time even against other evidence that goes against this ideal.
Mars is most likely planet that has the ingredients of life that is need for a living organism in the solar system other than the known planet Earth. These ingredients of life are the following. The planet in question must be at the correct distance from a host star. Mars is a planet that is on the outer edge of being correct distance of its host star. Next item is that the planet must have water. Mars has water but its water is frozen in the planet ice caps or under the soil. Last is that the planet must have an atmosphere that is suitable for living organisms. Mars’s atmosphere is weak and it is being blown away by the solar winds form the host star. (""Life" on Mars") With Mars’s weak atmosphere the surface temperature of the planet is every cold and the water on the surface of planet evaporates other than the ice caps due to the low atmospheric pressure of the weak atmosphere ("Under the soil on Mars may develop life").
Even with the bad temperature, weak atmosphere and said frozen water there still prove that there is life on Mars because there evidence saying that Mars’s living organisms could be sub surface ("'Strongest evidence yet to there being life on Mars'"). The living organisms that are sub surface have the ingredients of life that they need to live. The organisms would be protected from the solar winds, cold temperature and they would have water that the organisms need because the additional pressure would allow water to exist in liquid form and the planet’s interior heat is able to create conditions suitable for Earth-like organisms ("Under the soil on Mars may develop life").
Mars has been sending many tiny meteorites to Earth for thousands of years or may be longer. Also there has been a big debate that Earth has been sending meteorites back to Mars. In one of the meteorite there has been a discovery of tiny carbon -rich balls and tunnels in it. These markings resemble microorganisms leave when they eat through rocks. Scientists report in the journal Astrobiology, that these...

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