Life Post 9/11: Children Without Parents Essay

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No one ever saw it coming; it was unimaginable, impossible to predict, unable to be prevented. Even so, nothing could ever undo what happened on that morning of Tuesday the 11th of September, 2001. Lives were changed, families torn apart, a nation transformed and united as one. Life is precious and we were abruptly reminded of this truth, when nearly three thousand innocent and brave souls lost their lives. During the 10th anniversary of 9/11 we remembered those who were lost and remember the past, as it was the day our nation came together in unison with a sense of patriotism to defend the land of the free and the home of the brave. This is a story we all know how to tell; there is no happy ending, there are some without hope, there are tears of grief, but this story is filled with faith.
A vast number of individuals were affected by September 11th, the youngest victim of the attack was only two years old and the youngest affected was still in the womb. Nearly 3,000 children of the average age of nine years old were found to have lost one parent on September 11th. In this case, age does not matter; any young child has a hard time dealing with change emotionally. In several ways children experience emotion on a different level than adults. When a simple phrase out of the ordinary is told to a child, they could act terrified or shocked. As a result, some parents are selective in how they expose their children to such events. But for those affected by 9/11, there was no escaping the tragic reality. Eventually, parents who lost their spouse had to break down and tell their children something along the lines of “Mom is sleeping in a peaceful place tonight,” but not outright tell them she isn’t ever coming back. Is it impossible to imagine the struggles these children had to go through post-September 11th? Yes! It would be hard to imagine the pain, confusion, and hurt these poor little souls had to endure. Even though no one could ever replace their beloved parent, holding them close in your arms would be enough for them to know someone cares
The question is, how did some of these children cope with losing a parent, how did they make it through and come face-to-face with this tragic reality? Did they find an outlet for expression? For a minute, imagine yourself as a child who was just told “'Dad's hurt. He's really hurt. I don't think we're ever going to see him again.'” These are the exact words Brielle Saracini recalls her mother telling her that day. She was only 10 years old when her late father, Victor Saracini head pilot for United Airline Flight 175 was hijacked and crashed into the second tower. Brielle continues to recount her struggles of how trying to be strong and have faith that soon her dad would return unscathed was difficult. Yet, Brielle states, “I eventually….realize that he's just not coming back, and that's difficult but you just gotta move on." This is hard for any individual to process and suffering the...

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