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Life Problems An Assessment Of Possible Solutions To Certain Problems

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Have you ever had a friend who you really trusted and then suddenly something is different about them? This seems to be an average problem for most teenagers. After all, if people are going to change, they most likely change in high school. But what do you do when your friend starts acting strangely? How are you going to respond when they tell you that you have been replaced? Martin Luther King Jr. said “In the end, we will not remember the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends”. This means that after all we go through; our friends are still a huge impact in our lives. One of the biggest problems that an average teenager goes through is when their ‘best friend’ starts thinking that they’re too good for their friend or that they have more important people in their life; but you can deal with this in three different way; (1) ignore our friends actions and what there are doing, (2) confront them and ask them about it, or (3) just to start avoiding their ‘best friend’.
The first solution to this kind of dilemma is the just ignore it all together. If your friend isn’t going to spend time with you, it’s their problem, right? If you ignore what they are doing, the problem could solve it itself. But then again, a lot of the time it doesn’t, the problem mostly continues until one of you gets sick of it. But what can you do with this friend as a person. Bob Marley said, “The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You’ve just got to find those worth suffering for.” This quote means that, in life, you will always get hurt by others, but you just need to find people that are worth the pain. But what if you are not willing to take the insults anymore, what else can you do?
Another tactic that could be used to solve such a problem is to confront your friend and ask them about it. This is probably one of the most effective but painful ways to do it. This approach will often make it very hard for you and your use-to-be friend to even be able to stand next to each other. But...

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