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Life Reflected In Nature Essay

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For thousands of years man has used the events and beauty of nature to reflect what he feels into words. People use the different seasons to describe their different personalities, or different events in nature to reflect they felt during an event in their own life. Every nature can show beauty, grace, eeriness, or destruction in a sunrise, a gentle spring shower, a dark storm, or a devastating natural disaster. Everyday people are faced with these same experiences through the beauty of a face or the destruction of a fire or car wreck, and everyday writers and artists use the imaginary of nature to express what these experiences make a person feel. Different aspects that nature offers to ...view middle of the document...

By taking a universal image and using it in comparison to the journey of life Woodsworth uses to the rainbow as a sort of time line. It is a visual aid that can be seen as both ingenious and simple. This poem shows the importance of making poems relatable to both capture the attention of readers, and offers something that makes the point more understandable. Galway’s poem is relatable because most people have something, whether a season or food, that makes the feel the way that blackberries make him feel.
The best writers do more than tell a story, but make the reader feel as though they are seeing and feeling what the writer or character is. Galway’s descriptive writing, for example, could trigger a craving for blackberries because he makes them sound so desirable. Being able to use imagery in a way that draws the reader in and long for what is being described makes the best writing. Poems like Galway’s where a reader pictures a late September day and the prickle of the blackberry bush are only the root of artful descriptive writing. Deeper than blackberries still, writers use the imagery in nature to compare to feelings is an art in itself. A thunderstorm can be used to describe a dark time in one’s life, or a sunset can describe a coming to an end...

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