Life Taken Away By Cancer Essay

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My mother opened the door walked to the car. We listened to the engine start, and watched as she pulled out of the driveway. She had just received a message, requesting her presence at the emergency room as soon as possible, on account of my father. He had left that morning to go to the hospital; due to the unbearable pain he had been experiencing shooting through his stomach over the past few days. My brother, sister, and I sat on the living room couch. The haze of the warm early July day hung heavily in the air. I flipped through the channels on the television, mindlessly looking at the pictures, never realizing that everything looked the same in the blur of endless pictures that my eyes could not register. I didn't know what it could be. I kept asking myself what was wrong with my father, what was going on, why didn't I go with my mother. I interlocked my fingers and began to pray, to make deals with God that everything is going to be okay, and that this was nothing serious, that the message was wrong, my dad had just forgotten his coat and needed my mother to bring it to him. The clock continued to tick, and hours began to pass. The pit in my stomach had now found its way up to my throat, and the thoughts of the worst began to form tears in my eyes. "It's taking to long", I thought, "This is way to long for him to only want his coat." The reality started to settle in. The fact that this, whatever it is, is not something simple at all. I heard the car rumble across the gravel in the driveway and turn off. The door slammed, and my mother opened the door. An air of devastation followed her downcast face into the house. I asked her what was wrong. Her simple response of "It's worse than we thought," was enough to set a tear running down my cheek."How bad is it?" I croaked out, through the lump blocking my words."He has cancer." My heart dropped to my feet, and she looked away from me, in a vain effort not to let me see her tears welling up in her eyes. All I...

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