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Life. According to Bing Dictionary, it is “existence in the physical world and the quality that makes living animals and plants different from dead organisms and inorganic matter.”
It sounds so mechanical.
Life isn’t about living and dying, reproducing, and finding yourself. Forget destiny. Life is about creating yourself. Rather than passively live, actively live. Do.
Have a purpose. I could not have better advice. No one could.
Think about bullying. There’s a big outrage about it. Look around. There are outreaches to stop bullying. There are even laws (that shows you how serious this is). Not to offend anyone, but bullying is simply a material form of the feeling of being lost, the feeling of purposelessness, and the feeling of despair. That’s why we have terrorism. Gee, we could have saved a lot of lives on September 11, 2000 if, a couple thousand years ago, we simply made an outreach about having a purpose.
Primarily, partake in community service. From giving out food to the needy to cleaning up parks, you can be a part of the quest to help the community.
In addition, purposes do not always have to be serious. Why not have some entertainment? Reading a book, watching anime, or doing anything enjoyable are much needed after a long day. IT IS HEALTHY!
Furthermore, have a faith. Even if you don’t have believe in any religion, have faith in something. You MUST. Perceive these words as a command. Having a faith strengthens one’s pride, self-esteem, and life. It supports you every step along the way, giving you confidence. Having a faith is an imperative.
To add on, sharing is caring. Many people, selfish as they are, recognize the world as a possession that does not need to be shared. Contrary to their belief, the world is a place of resources, such as water and shelter, that are for all and not one. By sharing, one is giving love to others, and thus promoting global brotherhood and peace. In addition, if you are one who never receives this love and thinks that there is no point in giving love back, you are wrong. You can make other people give this love to you through doing it yourself.
Moreover, learn. Via learning, one can become more aware of daily concepts. For example, by becoming adept at spatial relationships in mathematics, one will become much more skilled, especially in donning suspenders. In addition, the more one learns, the less ignorance of the world he/she will have. To add on, people tend to appreciate educated people more uneducated people. Trust me; learning will help in’s fun too!
I’m not the one to be saying this, but stop thinking. OK, you might be thinking that I’m telling you to go YOLO, but that is not the case. A plethora of people become caught by the monotonous process of thinking about past events. Surely there are people who integrate thrill and variety on a daily basis, but not all do. The latter dwell on thoughts that aren’t necessary to them, and they take a million years to finally get over them....

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