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There are many cultural events that I’ve had the chance to experience and there are some I have yet to. The March of Dimes Charity Signature Chef Auction has been an event I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of for the last two years. The annual Harbin International Snow Sculpture festival is an event that I plan to one day experience. The Snow and Ice festival is an expression of visible art while the March of Dimes Charity auction is a charitable event that showcases restaurants around the city of Columbia, South Carolina.
For the past two years I’ve been able to participate in the March of Dimes Charity Signature Chef Auction held here in Columbia, SC. The Signature Chef Auction is an ...view middle of the document...

Polio is an infectious viral disease transmitted from person to person. Individuals affected by this disease can suffer from a range of symptoms, most commonly paralysis. Of these forms of paralysis spinal polio is the most common. As a victim of spinal polio President Roosevelt knew the struggle that Americans and others around the world could face. Polio had existed for centuries, but became the most horrifying childhood disease of the 20th Century. The 1952 outbreak was the worst in recorded history with over 58,000 cases reported. The organization began to create local chapters across the US that could raise money and deliver aid where needed. In 1955 an American virologist by the name of Jonas Salk successfully created the polio vaccine. The sole mission of the March of Dimes had been realized and the organization began to look for new causes to fight for. Their focus switched to the improvement of healthy pregnancies and the prevention of birth defects and infant mortality.
The Save the Children Foundation Australia Chapter host an event similar to the March of Dimes event. They’re similar in the way they both auction off items in order to raise money for the benefit of children. Instead of a showcase of chefs, Australia does a charity run as an added event. The Signature Chef Auction is held in about 200 cities across the US. Not all events are the same, as a result cities are able to take away the positive aspects from one another in order to better the event. The March of Dimes raises money for infants of all races and ethnicities within the United States. This results in the culmination of various cultures coming together to support this cause. Over the years the March of Dimes has continued to provide moms and families with much needed assistance and in 1998 established its Global Programs organization. Globally the March of Dimes have helped over 33 countries on four continents, bring down the rate of birth defects. In recent past, premature birth and birth defects hadn’t been recognized as a significant health priority by international health organizations, governments, or potential donors, the March of Dimes works hard to correct this. Studies show over 21 million babies worldwide are affected by these health problems, not to mention the unreported areas so desolate and distant we forget they exist. They provide these countries with up-to-date methods on how to do so as well as educating and raising awareness on the issue. The March of Dimes unites with organizations that share interest in the same country or region as to establish the necessary force required to help that area. Since its beginning the March of Dimes have set the precedence for issues such as polio, premature births, and various other birth defects and continues to do so 75 years later. One of its recent partnerships is the Global Network for Maternal and Infant Health (GNMIH). With assistance from Peking University, located in China, the American University...

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