Life's Fullfilments And Failures Essay

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LIFE'S FULFILLMENT OR FAILURE In both of the stories A Secret Sorrow by Karen Van Der Zee and A Sorrowful Woman by Gail Godwin the plot is focused on marriage and family. Both of the stories talk about a protagonist female going through some emotional problems, some crises involving her approach towards life, family and marriage. Both women have a man next to them and they are being described as a perfect one you would like to have by your side; loving, thoughtful, understanding and helpful. Although the idea of the those two stories is the same the problem is being presented very differently. A Secret Sorrow it's a perfect example of the formula fiction story where we expect the happy ending and A Sorrowful Woman totally surprises us with its ending. We get an example of how people can have various needs in life; what could be a major goal in life for one person, could be a total failure to another. We are being presented with a different approach to life and what kind of purpose life could have.Faye in A Secret Sorrow experience crisis in her life before the marriage, because she found out that she would never be able to have children. She is in love with Kai, but she is so afraid that he may reject her and her love, because she will be unable to fulfill his life. She is so scared that she doesn't even want to tell him what her problem is, Kai says:" You told me you love me, but you don't want to marry me". She assumes that the only way they would find happiness in life is, if they would have children together. Nothing makes Faye happier than to see her own family "One-day Kai and Faye watched them (children) as they played in the garden, and joy and gratitude overflowed in Faye's heart. Life was good and filled with love". For her the family means her whole life. How different is that from what is being presented to us in A Sorrowful Woman, "One winter evening she looked at them: the husband, durable, receptive, gentle; and the child a tender golden three. The sight of them made her so sad and sick she did not want to see them ever again". In this story the woman crises comes after the marriage.Godwin disassociates home from safety, security and comfort, he presents this woman "˜s home as a deadly trap. She is going through emotional crisis for the reasons, which for Faye in A Secret Sorrow would be a dream, come true.We get a chance to realize how different people are. What kind of different needs we have in life? What could be a purpose in ones' life could be a total failure to another. For Faye having children and a husband is an ultimate goal in life "I can't live my life with your regret and your disappointment. Every time we see some pregnant woman, every time we're with somebody else's children I'll feel I've failed you". She feels that the only way she can be happy in life is to be a mother and a wife. Woman in Gail Godwin story can not stand the feeling that all she is in her life is a mother and a wife. That is what she is...

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