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Life's Work Essay

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Something as simple as a painting unlocks an entire world. Jacob-Abraham-Camille Pissarro demonstrates this by his many paintings of common life during his time period. With passion and dedication, Pissarro paints throughout his entire life. He tries out many styles of art, but the most influential type became Impressionism. Impressionism started the foundation for Pissarro’s peeks into the past. Pissarro’s experiences, experiments with artistic styles, and the time period helps shape his art; specifically one dealing with peasants in a common setting.
Camille Pissarro’s world started when he came into this world on July 10, 1830 on the island of St. Thomas. Starting his career of art, ...view middle of the document...

Usually someone would be depressed after most of their work was destroyed, but Pissarro bounced back quickly. He wasn’t discouraged, but continued to paint. After this incident, Pissarro returns back to England painting one of his favorite subjects-English country sides.
Another subject Pissarro took a great interest in became the life of the common man. In 1870 Pissarro broke away from the “normal” strict art salon in Paris and created his own with Dfegas and Monet. This new salon focused on the new emerging style of Impressionism. Pissarro helped gain recognition and interest of this new Impressionistic art style. Though Pissarro is infamous for his paintings done in the Impressionistic style, he slowly moved away from this type of art. In the 1880’s Pissarro drifted away back to his earlier style of painting- focusing on outdoors, light, texture, and broad painting. Through his entire life Pissarro painted. Pissarro painted all his life, life was painting for Pissarro. Loved by many, Pissarro loved all, and all loved him. A compassionate man, some artists even called him “Father Pissarro”. Sadly, from working outside often, Pissarro suffered from an eye infection that prevented him from painting outdoors later in his life. Camille Pissarro died on November 13, 1903, but his legacy lives on.
For an artist, such as Camille Pissarro, growing up in the mid 1800’s became a very important factor in the styles of art present. To say the least, many technologies came about in this time period. Not one area became more developed, all areas of the world changed: music, science, language, medicine, government, and art. Art goes through many style changes during this certain period. Realism came around, then Impressionism, then Avant-garde and Neo-Impressionism. Before the time period in which Camille Pissarro lived, Realism consists of certain standards and topics only dealing with religious, historical, and mythological scenes. This is why Impressionism gets welcomed eagerly. Willing for beauty and joy after wars, people enthusiastically accept Impressionism. One devastating war that brings a disappointment to the French people is the Franco-Prussian War. This is the same war that destroys Pissarro’s paintings. But one good thing does come out of the destructive war. The war in France forces Pissarro to move to the safety of England. In England Pissarro paints calming, joyful, peaceful paintings. These paintings contrast the devastation and war going on back at Pissarro’s home. The changing events of the mid 1800’s to the turn of the century influence Pissarro’s location, subjects and styles of art.
The one style of art Pissarro is known for is the Impressionistic style. Impressionism comes right after the strict rules of the Realism...

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