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Human Rights Watch, a world-class independent organization, state on their site: “Human Rights Watch is dedicated to protecting the human rights of people around the world” (Human Rights Watch). In 2007, they published No Easy Answer, which deals with how sex offenders are affected by being registered as sex offenders. They claim that it is injustice to “label” a person for their entire life for a bad decision they made as a child. I could not agree more, but what the good people at Humans Rights Watch are forgetting is that those are not the only people on the sex offenders’ registry; there are those with unspeakable crimes. Individuals like Dr. Earl Bradley, a pediatrician who sexually abused more than one hundred victims whose ages ranged between six months and thirteen years! (The Week Magazine).
Ohio state laws define a sex offender as one of three: a person who committed a sexually oriented crime, a habitual sexual offender, or a sexual predator. All sex offenders are required by law to notify the State Bureau of Criminal Investigations or local Sheriff Offices within three days of entering any county or changing their address. Sexual offenders are required to submit their fingerprints, photo, DNA, vehicle information, and criminal history. Certain individuals are eligible for a written notice about all sexual predators and habitual sexual offenders. Those individuals are local law enforcement patrons, all residents within 1000' of the offender's residence; the director of the public children services agency; the superintendent of each board of education of a school district; the director of each preschool program, and the administrator of each child day care center. These regulations, as harsh as they may seem, were created to keep the community safe. However, 94.8% of the sex offenders in Ohio did not register complicity. As of 7/11/2011, the number of registered sex offenders in the state of Ohio is 18,300! (Klaaskids).
To better understand sex offenders, Dr. Gordon Nagayama Hall researched their habits. He found that sex offenders can be put into one of four categories. The first covers the individuals who act based on impulses. These individuals usually target women and are stimulated and driven by deviant sexual arousal. The second category covers individual with cognitive disorientations, errors in their thinking. These individual perceive events differently; they actually believe that their victims enjoy being raped! Most date-rapists fall within this category. The third category covers the most dangerous rapists, the ones motivated by anger and emotional disturbance. The only way to control anger for these “individuals” is to take it out on other more venerable targets, women and children to be precise. The fourth and last category covers repeat offenders, habitual offenders. These individual are most likely abused during their childhood, cast out, and have a history of chronic mental disturbance (Hall).
The law in Ohio state...

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