Life Shaped Me As A Leader

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AbstractBeing a leader is a very important role in life. Only some of us have the ability to be or become a leader. All of us are not made to be leaders. Some of us are made to be followers. I believe throughout my life I have become a leader that others can look up to. In this paper I will discuss an event that has happened to me in my life that shaped me into a leader.My Life has Shaped Me into a LeaderThe meaning of leadership varies amongst people. Leadership can bedefined by many different but similar meanings. Leadership to me is a constant changing process of interactions and situations between members of a group consisting of two or more people. Leadership also consists of a common recognition and understanding of leader-follower roles between all its group members. Since leadership is goal-oriented it also involves the leader and its followers to participate in activities to help move the group further in reaching and obtaining its goal. Leaders and followers need to work together to accomplish a goal of leadership. Throughout this paper I will discuss how an event in my life has shaped me as a leader.Life itself is a challenge that just get harder the older you get. Being able to handle it and control it is a major accomplishment. My life has definitely been a challenge. My mother died when I was young and my father is a truck driver. So, you can say I was not able to experience the family lifestyle. Since my dad was a truck driver I had to stay with my aunt a lot growing up. My dad remarried...

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