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Life Skills Essay

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Life Skills are skills people need for everyday behavior. These skills help you interact with others and can make you a better person. It is likely for one to learn many life skills throughout their life. There are many different life skills; ranging from simply making a decision to being able to learning how to complete a complicated problem. Out of all the life skills the ones I am most interested in learning are: the ability to budget money, the ability to teach others, and to be selfless.
The ability to budget money is a life skill that requires a bit of math skills. Budgeting money is a very important skill to have whether it is used for owning a business or just your everyday ...view middle of the document...

Whether you are young or old helping others and teaching them to do something is very helpful. When you are teaching someone you need to remember to be patient and to not get frustrated. Some people tend to lose their tempers when someone does not understand what they are trying to explain. In order to be a good teacher you have to be compassionate towards the student and try to help them as best to your abilities. It is important that you do not try and be aggressive about the subject you are teaching because the student will only get frustrated and not want to learn. Also, make sure you have a variety of strategies to help them; the student may not be responsive to the first strategy. Especially if the person who needs help has been taught this skill previously because obviously the way they were taught the first time was not helpful. The ability to teach someone comes to those who are not only patient and understanding, but also intelligent and well informed (How to Be a Good Teacher).
Selflessness means that you are concerned not for yourself, but for others. Selflessness is an incredible quality to have, but unfortunately some are not born knowing this skill so they have to be taught to help others. There are many different views on the topic on whether you should put others before yourself, but no matter whether you believe you should or should not you still should help others. Volunteers and parents are some of the most selfless people out there. Volunteers give up their time to help out others and be there for them. And, good parents will do anything...

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