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Life Skills As A High School Required Class

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When going to high school, the one thing most teens have trouble understanding is the concept of what the world is like outside and beyond the world of schooling. Some teenagers have jobs but I don’t believe that it will prepare them for the vastness that is the outside world. The fragmentation of the country’s economy is being mended slowly, but to let it heal completely, we need young minds to have stable jobs so they can sustain themselves. In order to sustain themselves, students need proper guidance and preparation provided to them by the people who repeatedly promise and strive for success. Public high schools need to have a required Life Skills class implemented in every state.
First and foremost, the biggest reason is money management. Although some high school graduates can get a steady job, the money that they spend on essentials is diminishing in a frequently rising amount. With technology playing an increasing role in our everyday lives, the teaching of life skills become nonexistent. This will probably be one of the largest portions of the class considering the gravity of the real life application. The majority of this portion of class will be spent on thing like apartments, insurance, and buying a car. Mainly it will be spent on money related subjects because the majority of teenagers do not know how to correctly manage it once they have it
Next, as a more important thing, is food. Although Hot Pockets are delicious they’re unfortunately not a nutritious item to be constantly eating throughout the day. There are two more options. You can either

go out and eat all the time everyday, which chances are that will be way too expensive, or you can make your own food. Some teenagers do know how to make a good meal, but do you think that they know how to make a balanced meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Chances are they don’t and that’s why it needs to...

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