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Life: Something More Precious Than We Realize

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Josheph SmithMs. RichardEnglish (ENGL) 10116 September 2003Life:Something More Precious Than We RealizeBeing a person who seemed to make the most of the great moments that life handed me, I thought that I had enjoyed every second of them to the fullest. From visiting with family and friends on birthdays or catching up at an annual get together, there never seemed to be a moment that I didn't cherish. Unfortunately, these instances were viewed as the more important ones because they always came to thought first. Sadly, I'd overlooked the important talks with my dad, simple games I played with my little brother, silly fights with my sister, and the love and laughter my mom always used to cheer ...view middle of the document...

It finally came to the point that I became too sick to continue work and was told by my manager to go home.As I waited on my father to get there to bring me home the cramps began to intensify. I started to question what exactly could make me feel this way and whatever it was, how did I get it. A little after five o'clock that evening I finally made it to my house and started treating the illness. I took some medicine for the nausea and pain then went to lie down. Later, the increasing pain of the cramps only started to become worse as well as the vomiting. I would fill the bathtub up with hot water to just lie in and try to relax the cramps. I repeated this for the next couple of days, but it was all to no avail. I seemed to only get sicker and become very fragile and weak. I hadn't eaten anything in three days, I had a fever of 104 degrees, and became unable to urinate. With the loss of hope that I would soon feel better I decided to go to hospital. My mom was leaving for work when the pain had once again brought me from my sleep. After she seen the state I was in and obviously noticed something had to be done she rushed me to the hospital.After I got to the hospital and completed the information process I had to sit in the "emergency room." I tried to go back to sleep, being that it was only a little after four in the morning, to make the pain go away. When I finally got to the back the nurses began analyzing me. They started me on some fluids and took about 10 tubes of blood. I was so drained that I could barely fight anymore. After they reviewed the results of my cat scan, I was diagnosed with a ruptured appendix. I was told I needed immediate surgery because the infection had been set in for a couple of days. By that time my dad was there and he called a former doctor of his. This doctor had saved his life not only once, but twice and he trusted no other when it came to mine. I was in surgery for over two hours. I was told that I was about two hours away from death and that I had the worst case of appendicitis the doctor had seen in his 50 years of practice. I stayed in the hospital for over a week recuperating. I had tubes all in my body and was in a very critical state. Even after my...

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