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Life Span Development Chap. Notes Essay

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I.Life-Span PerspectiveA.Historical - view of children and child development has changed throughout history1. Aries used samples of art to conclude life development consisted of only two phases:* Infancy and adulthood* Results biased toward only studying European Aristocrats2. Egyptians, Grecians and Romans held rich conceptions of children's development3. Three Philosophical Views* Original Sin (Middle Ages) - children are inherently evil and societal constraints and salvation are necessary for children to become mature adults* Tabula rasa (17th Century/John Locke) - child is a blank tablet upon which experience writes* Innate Goodness (18th Century/Jean Rousseau) - children are basically good and should be allowed to grow naturally, without constraints from parents or society4. Childhood currently viewed as unique period of life that creates the foundation for adult years* special time of growth and change* resources invested in caring for and educating our childrenChild Labor LawsJuvenile JusticeGovernmental provisions for helping families in need of social welfare5. Research does not support G. Stanley Hall's view - adolescence period of "storm and stress"* 1988 Cross Cultural - most adolescents have positive self-images* Characterized as competent, happy, enjoying life, confident in sexuality and ability to cope effectively with stress6. Adolescence - developmental period that is characterized by physical, social and legal identity*Industrial revolution, child labor laws, juvenile justice and compulsory education laws7. Developmental changes occur throughout adulthood* increasing average life expectancies - study of aging* elimination of mandatory retirement requirements - value on contributions of elderlyB.Characteristics of Life-Span development1. Life-long2. Multi-dimensional - Biological, Cognitive and Social3. Multi-directional - some dimensions increase with age and some decrease*born with more neurons/hooked up better with age4. Plasticity...

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1673 words - 7 pages parents and realized how that could affect attachment as they grow up. Each part of development is important and it was very interesting and exciting to be able to see this first hand. Works Cited Sigelman, C. k., & Rider, E. A. (2012). Life-Span Human Development (7th ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning.

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10262 words - 41 pages -B.4; and at various other points. We use other demonstrations as well, such as in the contract setting in chap. 4, secs. C.1.f and C.2.e. Our general, formal proof appears in Kaplow and Shavell (2001). For further discussion, see FVW, chap. 2, sec. C.1 (especially the notes); and Kaplow and Shavell (2000). FA IRNESS VERSUS WEL FARE / 337 that all notions of fairness sometimes make everyone worse off is of great significance regarding the

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