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Life Stage Project Part 2 Apu Libs 302 Case Study

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I. Introduction
Sebastian is almost seven years old and lives at home with his mother and one of his older siblings, who is seventeen, in a beautiful home in the San Gabriel Valley. His house has an enormous set of yards that allow him maximum outdoor space for many activities and chores. Their house faces the San Gabriel Mountains and live in a cul-d-sac. They have neighbors on each side whom he knows and communicates with daily. At his house they have many pets, three dogs and a pet beta fish he named, "Trout." Sebastian loves to play with trains, race cars, the card game Uno, and most of all loves to play roller hockey. His favorite movie is Elf. Unfortunately, his parents are separated, and his mom works full-time in Los Angeles. He is now just starting to play organized roller hockey so his mom's attempts to add structure and balance his homework and extra-curricular activities has been a struggle. Throughout this study, the observation of Sebastian will take place at two locations: his house (inside and outside in his yard) and at the local park.
I have known Sebastian his whole life. I am his second eldest brother, but due to where I live and my job I have had little time to see him grow up. He is a respectful and charming young boy with an incredibly big heart. He understands that I am going to school and that very much like him I have homework I have to do on a daily basis, so when I first told him we were going to be doing homework together he was ecstatic. He loves to wear skinny jeans and is an avid fan of the Anaheim Ducks and Power Rangers, so you can always see him wearing one of those. He is shy at first, but once he warms up to you he won't let leave you alone and will talk your ear off.

II. Physical Development
Sebastian is a healthy and very physically active six year old. He has developed through the normal prenatal, infancy and toddler stages normally. When he was a toddler, Sebastian hit all the major milestones, according to his mother. She added that he started walking at nine months, which is quite impressive. Santrock (2013) states that "the chubby baby often looks much leaner by the end of early childhood (p. 210). This is very true Sebastian as he is above average height at his age group at 43 inches and only weighs at 45 lbs. According to his physician, Sebastian is on track to being six foot one inches tall. Despite being a single parent and working full-time, his mother still has the time to cook meals at home on a daily basis. Sebastian loves to eat everything, which is good because his mom introduces him to all sorts of vegetables a normal six year old wouldn't like. As Santrock states, "what children eat affects their skeletal growth, body shape, and susceptibility to disease (p.212).
Motor skills play a very important role in his life right now. As Sebastian is growing on a daily basis his abilities are also increasing. He uses his main bodily movements in performing gross motor skills such as...

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