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I am twenty-six years old and I am in the young adulthood stage of life. As a young adult I have had to deal with several big issues/decisions. One difficult decision that I have had to make is learning to let go of people. The second difficult decision I have had to make is going back to school.
I have had the difficult decision of letting those whom I care about go for the safety of my family. My grandmother had recently found out that she had cancer. My aunt had been giving us problems for awhile but she completley disrespected me, my mother, and my grandmother. We had our words. So I was left with the difficult decision to not associate with her or let her around my family. Over the summer my best friend had forced me to let her go. She was a sister to me but I could no longer deal with her. She tried to get me to lie to her husband about her cheating on her husband in my house. Being raised on good morals I could not do it. Now it's like our relationship never existed. I let her and her family go because I did not want my kids raised around someone like that.
Another hard decision was going back to college to earn a degree. I have been dealing with this issue since I have graduated high school. I wanted to go to college, but there were a few things setting me back. I have bad anxiety being around a lot of people. When I went to orientation at Western Univerity, I was completely petrified and walked out. I applied a couple years later to another college but soon found out I was pregnant with my first child. So I didn't attend. Now I have two little ones but I had to make the dicision to go back to school. It is difficult raising to kids having a dead end job. I am not saying that it is easy going toschool and raising to kids, but I believe that the decision to go back to school will be worth while later on in life. I know it was the hardest decision to make.
The two people I chose who are older than me are my mother and my brother-in-law. They are both forty-four years old and in the middle adulthood stage. I asked my mother what some of the issues were that she is dealing with right now and she replied that divorce and her declining health conditions were difficult issues. My mom and dad were together for twenty-five years and all of a sudden split up and divorced. She told me that she is constantly having anxiety and depression about the divorce. Her doctor has put her on a few medications for it. She told me that she gets upset about it because they were married for a long time and he found him someone else. Now they do not have a relationship. Another issue she discussed with me is her declining health conditions. She started having diabetes in her young adulthood stage. Now that she is older and working a stressful job, she...

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