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Life Timeline Of Auguste Rodin Essay

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August Rodin ? Life Timeline:1840 Birth of Auguste Rodin on 12 November in Paris.1850 10 years oldHe started to draw.1854 14 years oldHe attended a special school for drawing and mathematics, known as "la Petite Ecole", and followed courses given by Lecocq de Boisbaudran and the painter Belloc.1855 15 years oldRodin discovered sculpture.185717 years oldHe left "la Petit Ecole" and sought admission to the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. He was rejected three times.1858 18 years oldRodin worked for several decorators and ornamentalists.1862 22 years oldStricken by the death of his sister Maria, he withdrew to the Monastery of the Order of the Holy Sacrament, where he stayed until 1863.1864 24 years old He started to work with Carrier-Belleuse. He met Rose Beuret, aged 20. Birth of Camille Claudel.1866 26 years oldBirth of his son Auguste-Eugène Beuret.186727 years oldHe worked as a practicien (sculptor's assistant) for several ornamentalists.1870 30 years oldRodin accompanied Van Rasbourgh to Brussels. On his return to Paris, he was enlisted in the Garde Nationale as a corporal but was subsequently discharged because of his myopia.1871 31 years oldAfter his discharge, he joined Carrier-Belleuse in Belgium. Death of his mother. Rose joined Rodin in Brussels at the end of the year.1872 32 years oldHe stopped working for Carrier-Belleuse who returned to Paris.1873 33 years oldHe associated himself with the Belgian sculptor Antoine-Joseph Van Rasbourgh.1874 34 years oldWhile in Belgium, he participated in the decoration of the Palais des Académies in Brussels, painted a series of landscapes of the Soignes forest and made some lithographs to illustrate the satirical magazine Le Petit Comique.1875 35 years oldRodin travelled to Italy where he studied the work of Michelangelo.1877 37 years oldHe exhibited The Bronze Age at the Cercle Artistique et Littéraire in Brussels, then the Salon des Artistes Français in Paris. Rodin was accused of having cast his statue directly from life. In autumn, Rodin undertook his first tour of cathedrals in central France. Rodin and Rose left Belgium and returned to France.187939 years oldRodin worked at the Manufacture de Sèvres until December 1882.1880 40 years oldHe moved into his first studio at the Dépôt des Marbes, 182 Rue de l'Université, which he kept until he died. The French State bought The Bronze Age and commissioned him to sculpt a monumental door for the future Museum of Decorative Arts. Although he worked on it until the end of his life, it was never delivered and was only cast in bronze after he died.1881 41 years oldThe French State bought a bronze model of Saint John the Baptist. He visited England for the first time and learned the techniques of engraving from Alphonse Legros in London.1882 42 years oldHe sculpted the figures of Adam, Eve and The Thinker.1883 43 years oldHe met Camille Claudel, who was then 19 years of age. Death of his father.1885 45 years...

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