Life Unexpected Essay

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Life Unexpected
In life there is usually a cycle in the way that things work. If we do one thing it automatically leads to something else. It could be something unplanned that may turn out bad for us or even good for us in the end. This is known as cause and effect. Meaning that there is always something that is going to take place, which is the cause, and there is always going to be a consequence, which is the effect. In the book Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelley, there are many things that happen for cause and effect. The way that she explains these stories that were told to her is very interesting and in great detail. The story between Victor Frankenstein and his creation is ...view middle of the document...

When he found Victor was ill, he had nursed him back to health and Victor, in return, introduced Henry to professors at the university.
Victor freaked out when he saw the monster that he had created, because he said that he was a hideous creature. He ran away and abandoned it. Being abandoned, and not knowing what to do, the creature went his separate way. When he would try to interact with humans he never seemed to get a good reaction from them. They would all scream and run away from him. This creation had no intention to harm any human, in fact he had once saw a young lady slip and fall in the water and he rescued her so she would not drown. In return he was shot because the man with her thought that he was harming the young lady.
The monster became very mad at Victor when he saw his reflection in the water and realized he was not like the rest of the people, and began to think that he was a bad person. He was more than mad, he was furious. Later Frankenstein’s monster came across a little boy, and when he heard his last name was Frankenstein, being furious with Victor Frankenstein and knowing the little boy was his brother, the monster killed the young boy. The monster saw a picture that the boy held in his hands, of his mother, at took it along with him. He then came across a woman who was sleeping and placed the picture of Victor and William’s mother in the fold of the young lady’s dress. The young woman was a close family friend of the Frankenstein family named Justine Moritz. They had found the body of the boy and then found Justine; she was still in possession of the picture, which was last seen with William. She was then put on trial for the murder of the innocent young boy and was found guilty and soon executed. The Frankenstein’s never believed that she was the one who killed him. “My dear father”, Victor began, “you are mistaken; Justine is innocent.” Alphonse replied, “If she is, God forbid that she should suffer as guilty. She is to be tried to-day, and I hope, I sincerely hope, that she will be acquitted.” (Page 65) Victor had believed it was the monster but he did not tell anyone because he knew no one would believe him and didn’t want to be labeled insane. Justine had confessed to the crime believing that she may be able to get off on a much easier term. Instead was executed a few days later.
He later came upon a family, an old blind man and his two children, a young man and young woman. For months he would watch this family from which he had learned to read, communicate, and understand a lot about life from. Once he had read the book Paradise Lost and believed it to be real, even though it was fictional, he found himself comparable to Adam and the Devil. When he realized that he was the antagonist, or the bad guy that no one liked, he became furious with himself and especially at his creator. Although he knew the chances of getting these people to like him for him, without assuming he was bad was...

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