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Life In The 90s Essay

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Throughout the 1990’s there was a lot of good and bad times. Starting with the

good things, I will begin my paper with 5 of the up-most important events in this period

of time and then conclude with 4 of the down sides. Early in the 90’s was Desert Storm,

which was a huge success.

The 1991 bombing of Baghdad was a demonstration of smart, powerful weapons,

planning ahead and military superiority. Having control in the air was a major goal of

those who had planned out the attack. Starting attacks on the capital was the major idea

and political goal of destabilizing Saddam Hussein's regime (basically the main purpose

here was to have Iraq’s leader murdered). About 244 laser-guided bombs and 88 cruise

missiles were delivered against Baghdad targets in 43 days of war. That’s most of the

powerful weapons used in Desert Storm. Overall, around 250,000 individual bombs and

missiles were dropped or fired in the 42 days. There were only 12 days and 12 nights

when there were no strikes against Baghdad. There were only 14 nights when more than

two targets were attacked within the city. For a lot of reasons, including growing

political constraints on capital missions, fewer Baghdad targets were bombed as the war

progressed. The campaign's end contrasted right after the opening night display. I think

that Desert Storm could thank the war planners for the high achievements because they

way they attacked Baghdad was almost like a sneak attack, and hey weren’t prepared,

Overall, they were caught off guard. Next I will move onto wireless communication.

     Now a new “fad” in the 90’s is things such as cellular telephones, everyone has

them. Behind the calling process is more than you know before you purchase these

items. When a cellular phone makes a call, it normally transmits it's a certain wave out to

a cell phone site (towers). The number called in a short overwhelming piece of data.

This data is the short buzz you hear after you hit the SEND button and before the tower

catches the data. These things are the components the cellular provider uses to make sure

that the phone is programmed so that it is billed and that it also has the identity of both

the customer and the phone. Now kids starting at almost the age of 13 begin to carry

these items. These are a high point of technology in the 90’s and everywhere you turn

you can pretty much spot somebody on a cell phone. These are good for reasons like the

average businessman taking calls when he/she steps out of the office. Above I described

how the billing works, and therefore this is how people pay for the service they are on.

Nowadays, the words “being too young” are nothing to most people. Phones keep people

in contact with family, clients, friends, etc. In all, I would say that the cell phone is a

high point of success in the 90’s.

     The most popular form of American pop music of the 1990's, rap is also one of


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