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Life Within The Hourglass Essay

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The sun was just starting to break through the clouds, shinning its golden glowing rays through Ryan’s window. Ryan was in a deep sleep, dreaming of all the parties he was going to go to during spring break. His nose twitched at the smell of home made blueberry pancakes and was woken up from his slumber by his mother’s voice. “Ryan your pancakes are waiting for you!” Ryan smiled, every Saturday morning he was woken up by this simple sentence. The silence in the air was soon shattered by the crashing and thumping of Ryan’s daily routine of finding clean clothes and putting them on, followed by the dramatic entrance of trying to see how many steps on the stairs he could jump at once.“Ryan Lee Hill! What did I tell you about that?!”“Sorry mom, but if it makes a difference I broke my old record!”Ryan’s mom sighed. “Well no, that just makes me worry, but I guess some things never change, now come and eat your pancakes, they’re getting cold!”Ryan sat down and was so eager to taste the chunks of blueberries that he missed his mouth the first time. Ryan slowly brought the blueberry-filled pancake to his mouth. Slowly…Slowly…Almost there…“Ryan get up, NOW!”His dream world crashed down as the women’s voice echoed in his head.The women stood there. “Come on! Everyone has already finished their breakfast and you haven’t even gotten out of bed yet! Honestly if you want to get out of this placethen you’re going to have to start showing some effort!” Ryan was filled with anger. His only means of escaping the hell he was in consisted of sleeping and daydreaming. Despite knowing he was going to have yet another horrible day, he managed to get up and grab a tray which was the same tray he grabbed everyday. He sat down and opened the lid on his hot plate.“Pancakes… cool.” The pancakes were nothing compared to his mother’s back at home. In fact, most of the other kids in the hospital didn’t even consider these to be breakfast. Despite the quality and effort put into making these plan pancakes, Ryan was still hungry and drove the palm sized cooked batter into his mouth. He pretended he was back at home and that these pancakes were loaded with blueberries.The same woman that woke him looked at him and started yelling again. “Come on hurry up! Therapy group is about to start!”With a sigh Ryan finished his pancakes and dashed into his room to put on his morning clothes.Ryan muttered to himself, “Oh joy, the highlight of my day… I’m allowed to be surrounded by idiots, and of course we can’t forget the ring leader who just tells us how and why we are here. Then after that is established he gets to start preaching about the things we can do to prevent it from happening again in the future. If only he knew what it was like, if only he wasn’t able to go home at the end of the day.”Ryan was a young...

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